Monday, 8 February 2010

The horror of SCALE DAY

Good ev'nin'.

Now, now, monday mornings how I hate ya. For one thing, it's a new week of work/class for which I have to get up (getting up is definitely overrated, when beds are warm and snuggly) and for the other thing,sigh, it's SCAL(R)E DAY. Again. As I've already told ya, I felt like I had gained weight and I was right.

Here are todays weight stats:
weight: 65,3 kg = 143.96 lbs = 10.28 stones
H2O: 51,2 %
Fat: 29,9 %
Muscles: 34,0 %

So, I've decided to have a better watch on what I put in my mouth.

Todays Mampf Diary (in that order, tea and water all the while):
Chocolate Protein Shake, Green tea, 3 tangerines, 1 apple, a handful of nuts (hazel, almonds, cashews), peppermint tea, 1 chocolate bagel, 1 chocolate donut (doughnut - what's the right spelling?), water, 2 slices of french bacon (ca. 0,1 ounce), 1 wiener sausage, 1 left over portion of wild boar stew and brussels sprouts (Dad cooked, yummy), 1 serving of wild berries as soon as they are defrosted.

Yep, I've had a bagel and a donut. Not exactly healthy but I needed this chocolate fix desperately. Class was.... mmh, how to describe it. Well I'm speechless.

As promised, I was out and about yesterday. I walked to the city to my bank and went back home via streetcar, since it was dark and I started to get cold. Nothing to be proud of, except for getting out in the freezing cold for an hour. Temperatures dropped considerably from Saturday. I side with TriDiesel, I'm getting bored of this cold and the winter, especially since I can't afford to go snowboarding at the moment. I want it to get warm and the spring to get here, even though this winter is good for nature. To get out running without having to think of slipping every second step or so.

( "Just 5 more minutes, PLEASE!")

There is something about Sundays that I only want to snuggle deeply into my bed, drink lots of hot chocolate, read some nice and imaginative fantasy/magic novel, snooze or get up late to meet with friends and play a nice board game with them. Instead I vacuum cleaned my room yesterday and got out in the cold. Brrr.

I hope you all enjoyed the Super Bowl, though I could have watched, I've decided against it. It was just starting too late for me, midnight and then ca 2-3 hours of game, when I had to get up at 6:30 AM. Not for a game that means nothing to me. Still I have to say, I'm really pleased with the win of the Saints, it's a really good story. I'm pretty sure there will be a movie about it, though maybe not on the silver screen.

Mind you, for the race of Thomas vs. CJ I would have stayed up. Get over to Georgia Snail, the race report is fabulous. Oh, Jenna and Molly did also really well this weekend. Hurray for all of you.

Hello to Reader No. 9, Bury. Welcome aboard.

What do you think of my wonderful new ticker?! I found it through, poor girl is in the same boat as me at the moment, looking for a new job.

Keep running or walking, depending on your sidewalks. (Or skiing if you live in Washingtons winter fairy tale!)


  1. I slip less on ice when I'm running, and more when I'm walking. And there's lots of ice in Calgary, condensing on every surface. Very pretty.

    Doughnut is the right spelling for literate, civilized people. There are less civilized things to put in your mouth, but nothing I want to think about. You want to know how to quit eating doughnuts? Easy. Bite into one, any flavour, doesn't matter. Taste it, chew, swallow. Taste it all. Once it's gone, don't drink anything for a few minutes. Taste how your mouth feels. Taste that layer of grease and fat that has congealed on your tongue and teeth. Taste how sticky it feels. There. You'll never have another. You're welcome.

    I'll bet that polar bear is dreaming of a nice juicy seal. If he or she got a whiff of one, you can bet he'd be padding after it PDQ.

    Don't worry so much about the weight number itself. Look and feel you you fit your clothes. How you feel walking and moving around. That's more important than a number.

  2. I am seriously thinking about moving to Florida, the sun shine state, Life would be great, well, I dunno, definetly warmer.

  3. Ugh, Mondays just don't have much good going for them. Mine has been a wreck. I hope Tuesday is better for you!!!

  4. Seems a lot of people are tired of winter these days. Count me in.

    I'll never not eat another donut. Once I ate 210 in one month. It was donut month at a local grocery store. Too bad I moved away from that store.

  5. Oh az. 210????? In one month? My innards are quivering. Seriously. I don't think I've had 210 in my entire life.