Saturday, 6 February 2010

Swim Report the second

I've been to the pool today. It was full, 4 to 6 swimmers sharing one track. There is no order like slow to high speed tracks. In any case there were more men swimming than women.

I really enjoyed swimming again and I did pretty well too.

Swim stats:
distance: 1300 m
time: 60 min
time per 50 m: 2:30 min

Not me, yet... but I improved. Okay, maybe not that much to be like them, I'm still slow and my breaststroke keeps me above water, nothing more. And my right leg swims in it's own way. But think of it, I haven't been swimming in 4 weeks, still I'm a bit faster and lasted longer. Yes!!!! Just thinking of my sleeping potential makes me giddy. I love triathlon!

Afterwards I was ravenous. I had an apple on my way and meatballs at home. I didn't buy a doughnut.

Tomorrow I'll walk or run depending on the sidewalks, but I will be out there training. No matter what.

Keep Swimming.


  1. Good job! Swimming is so much muscle memory more than anything else - you just have to keep at it as frequently as you can for it to "click." Keep up the good work! :)

  2. I enjoy swimming too but haven't done it for quite awhile. Too much running.

    To answer your questions, MP runs are marathon paced runs. You run the pace that you'd like to run your marathon at. Yes I'll watch the super bowl. Will you?

  3. Great job getting in the pool. Sometimes in breaststroke, one leg does like to do its own thing. It is normal. Just one more thing to work on, eventually =). Yes we watched the Superbowl, and even though I was rooting for the Colts, I was happy that the Saints won anyway. It is a good story and I hope it does end up helping out the city. The teams I cheer for in American Football weren't playing. And...I am really more of a hockey fan than anything - all though I do enjoy football. I live for hockey. Do you know what are team is called? The Sharks - LOL perfect eh?