Sunday, 14 February 2010

Chocolate weekend and an unwilling knee

I wasn't out and about this whole weekend. Yesterday I just cleaned my room, watched "Il mare" at youtube, pampered myself with a looooonng bath, pondered the question of what to do with my life in general and indulged in mountains of chocolate (pudding + lion bars).

Today we finally had, would you believe it, sunshine. Unfortunately I must have twisted my left knee this night, so I can barely walk. It's the weirdest thing. I can only make it straight without pain, when there is no weight on it and I don't bend my foot. The pain is in the hollow of the knee, so I think some of the bands are in the wrong place or contract the whole time. This is really unfortunate, since I had no chance to enjoy the beautiful weather outside. Argh. Has anyone of you had this problem and knows what to do about it?

Tuesday will be a talk about nutrition for our running seminar which I will attend. Should be interesting.

Keep Running!

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