Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Useless interviews and feeling a bit better

Hallo peeps.

Happy to tell ya, that I feel a bit more on the bright sight today. Oh yeah, we got sunshine all day, does my mood something good.

In any case I went to Düsseldorf yesterday and had my 20 min interview. 11:30 hrs on the train + 1 hour on streetcars and bus. Yuk. I got up at exactly 3:59 AM and got on my first train at 5:40 AM. That train than ran half an hour late, so I missed my second train and had to call to shift the interview. ( I took the next possible train which had me arriving one hour later than I was supposed to be in Düsseldorf, because the ICE in Hannover didn't wait.) Makes a woooonnderful first impression! I hate the Deutsche Bahn. The more expensive the trains (ICE is the "fastest" and most expensive ride) the more sure you can be that the train will run late! The interview was short and weird, in fact they wanted nothing more than to tell me what this job was exactly about and if I was still interested. Well, in my opinion this is something we could have done over the phone. But anyway, it's done and I will have to wait another month to see if I will go there for another interview.

The weather is getting a bit warmer, unfortunatly that means iced sidewalks. It was lovely to get to school today. Iceskates would have been the safest option! If the sidewalks are in a better condition tomorrow I will go to the speed training. Hopefully they are. I feel the need to move. :-D

My eating habits are a bit better this week, even though I had a


Boston Creme donut from Dunkin Donuts yesterday, I loved it. My interview treat, I always grant myself a treat after an interview, normally it's a hot chocolate from Starbucks but I didn't see one and was running late for my train home. I also had a part of one of their chocolate muffins, which I didn't like at all. Seems like my Über-Ich is finally going to work for my thinner self. ;-)

So this is it for today. Thanks for your lovely comments to my last post.

Keep Running.


  1. YUMMY! I love Boston Creme Doughnuts. You deserved a treat after that long trip. What a waste of your time. Hope you got to your speed training :)

  2. OMG, I was reading along, and all of a sudden i got distracted by my FAVORITE DOUGHNUT!!!!!

  3. TEASE ME NOT WITH DONUTS :-) Some people just want to test you a bit, eh, and see if you are willing to be uncomfortable for very little reward. I think you were spot on. Good luck with the rest of your interview!