Sunday, 31 January 2010

Miss Scatterbrain or how to do proper self sabotage

that's me, myself and I. Why? Because I'm so out of focus, that I do exactly the opposite from what would make me reach my goals.

All through last week I went full throttle in the totally wrong direction.

Instead of eating my veggies and fruits I ate this:


and loads of this:


The problem? Well, I ate a lot of them, I didn't really enjoy them, but felt guilty about eating them, my skin got worse and worse (zits, like my face are the rocky moutains) and I fear tomorrows step on my scale. It won't be a nice number I'll see then. And I bought a new pair of jeans. Guess what!? It's the same size I had when I started out with marathon training back in November. I bought the same jeans back then in a different colour, so this really means I haven't met my goals. AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH.

And who to blame?! Nobody but me, myself and I.

Secondly I want, NO, NEED to save up some money to buy myself one of these:


Instead I've just bought 5 (five!!!!) comic books and some new music and a movie, the jeans and did I mention the sweets?! DANG. Oh yeah, I've been to my hairstylist too and no, it isn't a cheap one. (But since I have an interview on Tuesday and needed a new haircut and bleaching pretty badly this money is justifiable to a certain extend.)

Thirdly, instead of training I did mostly this:


This is absolutely frustrating, I don't finish things before I start new tasks and do mostly the opposite of what I need to do to achieve what I want. No matter which part of my life we are talking about.

Okay, so one of the reasons is the weather. The temperatures are mostly around 0°C, which means the snow is thawing and then becomes ice in the night or even through the day, which leads to totally unpredictable ground, even on the track and since I have no access to a treadmill.... I can't even count how often I nearly fell this week.

So yeah, no stats for you this week. And I won't put up any training schedules for the next weeks, since I won't keep them anyway, why pretending?!

Have a good start in the new week.


  1. I see chocolate and snoozing. Life is good.

  2. Ahh, hang in there. We all have weeks like this. I admire you for doing anything outside in 0 Celsius weather. This week is over, you can't go back and change it, but you can change what you do this week =). Best of luck on the interview!

  3. (insert encouraging words here)