Monday, 25 January 2010

The 'Freddy Krüger' Eggplant

Good morning, before we get to the eggplant recipe (19! pics, I think I enjoy photography way too much these days ;-) some stats.

Monday is SCAL(R)E Day.
weight: 64,3 kg (=141,75 lbs)
body fat: 29,4 %
muscles: 34,2 %

Yesterday Chris and I were actually running at our local track again, one track has been freed of snow and ice. It was freezing cold - 10° C = 14 ° F but it felt more like - 25° C = -13° F
time: 1:17 hrs
in zone: 42 min (wahoo)
HR: 145 bpm

The Freddy Krüger Eggplant recipe
based on Babaganoush

Ingredients (for one hungry girl):
100 g = 3.5 oz feta cheese,
1 lemon,
1 eggplant,
1 large bell pepper,
Baharat spice mix (oriental spice),
pumpkinseed oil,
spices you like

prep time needed: ca. 45 minutes depending on the eggplant size


1. Switch on your oven, choose the highest temperature.

2. Wash your eggplant and take a knife and call upon your inner Freddy Krüger! Grrrrr!!

3. Stab the eggplant several times. (Cuff your Freddy and put him back into his Azkaban cell! [I know I mix them up.] ;-)

4. Take some aluminium foil and put the eggplant on it in the oven. Carefull don't burn yourself.

5. Let the eggplant bake for 35 to 45 minutes!

6. Take a small lemon and juice it, if it's a big one use only half of the juice. (If you like it sweeter you could also use orange juice (never did it, though, just thinking).)

7. Break the feta cheese into small pieces or dice it and give it to your lemon juice.

8. Add the baharat and other spices, take as much as you like. Cheese will take some of the taste, so you'll have to season to taste before you serve it.

Now for the chocolate sauce...

9. Ahahaha, got ya. It's the pumpkinseed oil. To me absolutely delicious but not exactly inexpensive. Add some of it.

10. Blend it all carefully. If you haven't got a standing blender and want to buy one of these, make sure that you can separate the motor part from the blender like this.

Otherwise cleaning it is quite tricky.

When finished leave the mass in the blender. (Another reason for a separable blender, you can leave it standing in the food for a few minutes without it becoming unbalanced. [depending on the swell ;-P])

11. There should be several minutes left of baking time, take the time to prepare your bell pepper (wash, slice, display) and your table.

Option: If you are really hungry or if you prepare for two, you can fry some tenderloin, while the eggplant is still baking. And slice them.

12. When the eggplant is ready it should look like this or darker. Take it carefully out of the oven and put it on a plate.

13. Cut it in half and leave it for a few minutes to cool down.

14. Take a spoon and scrape out the pulp to add it to your cheese mixture.

15. Blend it again and season to taste for the last time. Et voila.

Enjoy your meal!



  1. I've tried eggplant before but just can't get myself to like it.

    Are you trained as a cook or is it just a hobby for you? You seem quite talented at it.