Saturday, 2 January 2010

Warning! Serious bragging ahead...

Long photo post!

Yesterday I got up, way to early at 9 AM. I felt like crap, even though I had only one glass of champagne the night before. Anyway I got up, put on my running gear and went to Leipzigs New Years run. I got home after 2 hours and went back to bed. ;-)

The stats:
distance: 2k
time: 16:33 min
in zone: 10s
HR: 170 bpm

My first New Years run in pictures!

At my street car stop, 30 minutes before the race.

My ride. To and fro the race.

The real athletes running their warm up round, when I arrived in the city.

Start and Finish line

After the first half of the first 1k lap. You could run for 45 minutes, as many laps as you wanted. You don't see it in this picture, but there was a nordic walker who walked faster than I run!!!! Man, this speed thing sucks.

Second half of the first lap. The building on the right side is part of Leipzigs university, it's the cafeteria at street level.

My second and last lap. Yeah, not that impressing, but I needed to go to the loo...

Two at one: I used their loo after I finished the "race" and got myself a treat.

A steamer with Irish cream aroma and a chocolate muffin. It's nice to get this, just for getting up and running. ;-)

The "Gewandhaus" in front of the "Weisheitszahn". The Gewandhaus is Leipzig philharmonic concert hall. The Weisheitzahn was a building of the University of Leipzig, now it belongs to the regional broadcasting station mdr.

The streets on January 1st, as you can tell, it snowed during the night and there were only a few people out there even at noon.

One of the reasons I don't like New Years Eve, everybody leaves the remains of his fireworks on the street, it looks bad outside for weeks afterwards.

Seriously people, you're responsible for this mess so pick your garbage up on January 1st, when you sobered enough!!!

And here it is, my first finisher certificate in 2010!

And while we're on the subject of racing. My new wall of accomplishements, just put up an hour ago. My finisher medals so far.

From left to right: Leipzig 2006 10k, Leipzig 2007 10k, Schluchseerun 2008, Freiburg 2008 half marathon. The race certificate in the middle is from the Schluchseerun too. I made it to the 995th place from 1000. Impressing, eh?

Today I also put together my sport folder, with training schedules, test results, race information and so on.

So this is it for now, tomorrow is the next training, due to the heavy snowing we'll do track training again, it's the safest option for us under the current weather conditions. I'm also back on the paleo track of eating starting today, so there will be something about nutrition in the next posts. Today I'll grant myself something really special for lunch: scallops cooked in the wok. I'll take pics for you.

KEEP RUNNING and you'll change your life for the better!


  1. Nice job! Happy new year!!! Love the wall of medals :)

  2. Your wall of accomplishment looks great!

    PR=Personal Record
    I think in Europe it may be called a PB(Personal Best)

  3. got up and ran in the snow, willingly. I am impressed. All though I will run for coffee any morning!! The wall of medals looks great. Hope you have a big wall!

  4. Congrats, I love your wall of honor

  5. You wall looks great. I really like your attitude about running even though you are towards the back of the pack. Great work.

  6. congrats - great pictures!

  7. Congratulations on your run! Looks great out there, as does the post run food!

    Happy New Year!