Wednesday, 27 January 2010

New Take on old fun - Apples big new ?

Remember this old pic?

It's called "Waiting for Windows".

How time changes things.

Waiting for Apple.
Though for a totally different reason.

This is my setup waiting for the liveticker of to get me news about what Steve's "One more thing" will be this time. An iSlate or just the iPhone in different colors or something completely different?! (The last one would be a Black Swan by the way.)

Waiting and discussing this new ? is so much more fun than to watch a movie or go running.

This whole thing is a marketers dream come true. Loyal fans and the media producing advertising for Apple for free. Ha.

Are you an Apple fan? I am! Who needs Jesus, when you can have Steve Jobs? ;-)


  1. Forget the computer, what about those nice looking sweets in front of it?

  2. The Ipad looks pretty cool. Kinda like a really big Itouch. I already read books on my Itouch, but it would be nice to do it on an Ipad =). I think I might need one of those!