Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Two steps forward, one step back

Morning everyone. Thank you all for the comments. Now I finally know what you mean with PR! xD

I didn't run/march yesterday. My "official" reason was that I wanted to detox (when I do that I always feel a bit weird) and that I needed to apply for a job at BASF. The truth is more along the lines that I fell back in my old habits and that quite massively. I ate Monday and yesterday a quarter chocolate streusel cake, everyday! The application? I'm still not through with it, though the process is really good organized (Hurray for BASFs HR department) but it uses SAP and this program SUCKS. I did clean my room too, but more to procrastinate than to actually clean it. :-P

Why now 2 steps forward?

Well, on Monday I went to my osteopath to get my muscles sorted out. After a year it was high time for it. And my osteopath always gives me other advice too. Sometimes this advice a bit on the esoteric side, but it's fun nonetheless. So last year we let my "inner woman" out of the box. ;-D Which led to a lot of new clothes and cremes and jewelry and make up over the last year. Good excuse, huh?
Now this time she asked my tummy how it feels and my tummy meant that I should stop holding back and take the leads of my life in my own hands. In other words "KEEP MOVING FORWARD" (I love "meet the robinsons!"). My intestines want me to detox. Oh, and we found out that my inner throne stands in Scotland. xP Did I mention that I love Scotland, but didn't feel up to apply for jobs there in the past time!?

What should I do with these esoteric insights?

As you can tell after reading the top paragraph, I hid and went back instead of forward. I really think it's time to stop with this weird rebellious thing, because this way I won't get where I want to be.

Tri Diesel has this wonderful post about what is your real motivation to do triathlons. Well, I gave it some thought. Like everyone else I have some of these irrational reasons to train for marathons and triathlons.
- In school I was the last one to be picked for a team, because I was so unsporty. I wasn't fat or so, just not sporty. Well, now I'm off to proof I am a lot more sporty than the rest. :-)
- I never won some of these sport medals in school. In fact one of my closest friends had and probably still has tons of them. I know it's ridiculous, but I want to have more sport medals than she has! (By the way she laughed at me, when I told her my longterm goal is the Ironman.)
- Everyone (except Chris and Anne) tells me that I won't be abled to run a marathon, let alone do an Ironman. I want to proof them wrong!!!!
- I want to wear boots and clothes that I like, and I want my jeans to last for more than just a few months. (This jeans thing is getting annoying and expensive!)
- And last but not least, I have the feeling, that I didn't really have accomplished something with getting my engineering diploma (german diplomas are higher than bachelor but less than master). Though I'm still in awe, that I am an engineer now. There are so many engineers out there but a lot less Ironmans and you can't fake it or cheat at the tests.
There you are, these are my reasons for running and starting out with tri training this year.

Okay, enough of the pity party. Sundays and Mondays stats.
Sunday training stats:
distance: ca. 5 k in 20 cm of fresh snow!!!
time: 1:02:55 hrs
in zone: 7:33 min
HR: 113 bpm

Monday was SCAL(R)E DAY
weight: 63,9 kg (+ 400 grams)
H2O: 51,5 %
fat: 29,4 % (+0,4 %)
muscles: 34,3 %
bones: 7,6 kg

I will do my march today. I have to go to the city to get a scan for my application and even though I could use the streetcar and it's -10°C = 14°F, I'll need to get back to training more than a warm butt. I mean, I've gained 400 grams. That's inacceptable! My goal is 51 kg on April 24th 2010, one day before the Leipzig marathon.

And to end this post on a positive note, on Monday I've bought my first training reward: the earrings. (Might be the reason I didn't get into gears yesterday, because I've got what I wanted. mmh) The next reward will be a sports duffel, since I want to start with swim training in April and don't have a appropriate duffel for it. Oh yeah, I'll go swimming this Saturday, the first time in about 2 1/2 years! Lets hope my suit still fits.

Keep running!


  1. You can complete a marathon and an Ironman...There is a very simple formula, you just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

    "Man sets his own limitations, don't set any."~Anthony Bailey

  2. You so can do a marathon and an ironman. See, what set us apart from the rest of society, is that we are fueled. Fueled by wanting to prove ourselves to ourselves. We are also fueled by people for are afraid to dream, and try to crush our dreams. Triathletes are a different breed of people. And your part of the group. Keep being a rockstar!!

  3. Keep it up! You certainly can DO anything you want, don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

  4. You have already done the hard part about a marathon or triathlon and that is letting yourself believe that you can do it. So many people can't even do that. Now all you have to do is go out and get it done.

  5. ah, guys you are all so sweet. Thank you.