Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The most marvelous recipe - selfinvented (edit)

It's been quite a time, since I had a food post. So here is a new one. (Long and cheeky one, beware.)

Scallops with physalis and mangetout (snow peas)


These are the necessary ingredients for 1 (girls) portion:
1 portion of scallops fresh or deep frosted (I took the deep frosted ones)
olive oil (I took my self made one (I put the spices in, I didn't press it) with cloves and juniper berries, yummy)
1 box of physalis (cape gooseberry)
200 g of mangetouts
1 shallot

You also need a Wok or a large pan, a knive, a cooking spoon and mmh.... a hearth!

(I wonder why it's called manual, since men never read them and then nearly wreck the thing the manual is for? mmmh)

If you've got the deep frozen scallops you need to thaw them. I should have left them out over night, but I bought them right before I started cooking so I put them in the oven on 50° C = 122° F and got on with the washing, cutting and dicing.

The snowpeas have to be washed, I use a sieve for it. This way it isn't that messy and I don't have to pick them up on by on. Let them dry a bit. Water and oil in a pan, bad idea

This is the oil with cloves and juniper berries that I used and made. It smells and tastes delicious.

The physalis, these are about 100 grams. Rinse them thoroughly, otherwise you eat and taste a whole lot of chemicals. I haven't found them at any organic store so far. In any case their taste changes dramatically when cooked. They get into competition with chili, fiery stuff. ;-)

Shallots are my favourite onions. OMG, I have a favourite onion!!! How odd.
They taste really good and the average size of them fits my needs perfectly. Dice them.

Like this. (In case you didn't know what dices are. Want me to do a tutorial on dicing?! Muahahaharrr!!)

Heat the Wok or pan (not to hot, it's olive oil and you don't want to destroy the good stuff in the food like vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids (in the fish)), put some oil in and than add the shallot dices. Leave them for exactly 1:29 minute. And then....

ADD THE SCALLOPS. (Hear, thats my graveyard voice. ;-D) Let them simmer with the onions for another 1:29 minute. (I'm just kidding, you don't have to be this exact! Only if your an engineer. Hahaha. Hrmpf.)

Now add the physalis, they should've been cut in halfs and turn the scallops upside down. Now let it simmer alltogether and set your table if you haven't already. This shouldn't take more than ... ahhh, let's stick with it, shall we?! 1:29 minute.

Personally I've come to enjoy a nicely done table. Now let's get on with the last part of cooking. I'm hungry!

Add the mangetouts and let it simmer for ... You've guessed right 1:29 minute. (I'll probably dream of 1:29 minute tonight. hihi.)

Turn off your stove, arrange the food nicely on your plate and enjoy it in 1:.... oh no, really enjoy your meal. No time pressure on this one.

MMMMH, delicious!!!

Now, seriously don't cook your scallops in the Wok too long since they get too dry then. On the package of my scallops it said 5 to 7 minutes of cooking.

Hi to Karen, my seventh reader. Lovely to have you!

I walked to the city today (6 k, 1:15 hrs) and got me the first Harry Potter movie on DVD. Love this movie. The last Potter was too dark for my taste, they left all the fun bits out. :-( The Eragon movie was even worse.

Eat fresh!


  1. I have never even heard of a "physalis". But they look good =) And you made your own olive oil? Really? That's pretty cool. Good job on dinner!

  2. love the presentation of the post and recipe! I have to try it, you made it look so good! Cheers

  3. awesome job, i felt like i was in the kitchen with you!

    Okay, so I will ask...What is a physalis?

  4. Looks like a great meal! I had to google physalis, very interesting! Bet they are good.

  5. Those scallops look great but I too have never heard of physalis. Are they good?

  6. Nice! It looks very healthy!!!

    To answer your question, we don't have snow where we live - we're only 30 minutes from the Pacific Ocean. :) So it's a 3 hour drive to the Sierra Nevada (big California mountain range) where there is snow, skiing, etc.

  7. I'm comming over for dinner! That looks awesome!

  8. Yum! I love your careful planning and execution of this meal. Funny comment about the MANual-so true. Happy New Year!