Thursday, 14 January 2010


Want to do something for your arm and shoulder muscles?! Try swordfight and boxing at the Nintendo WII. My arms hurt with every move today.

I went to a friend of mine yesterday morning. She and her fiancé gave eachother the Nintendo Wii console for christmas. So naturally we played a bit yesterday. A bit was 3 hours. It was real fun. We played not only boxing, but bowling, table tennis, tennis, jetboat, golf and even baseball. Really tricky hitting the ball. In any case I've felt my arms even during the playing and the soreness started out in the evening when I went to the cinema with Chris. We've watched the chess player, good movie.

And today I can barely move my arms, because they hurt so bad. I already said that, didn't I?! As if that wasn't enough I have to shift my swimtraining to next wednesday for female reasons. >:-( And the group training is shifted to a park. Since I know how the running conditions are there, I will stick with my walking routine for this week. Next week? We'll see how it develops.

But there is also something to be proud of. Yesterday I walked the whole way home from my friends house (5 k), because the streetcar was uncomfortably full. And I felt like moving my fat a**, so instead I walked. Yeah. The athlete in me comes out, it boxes its way free after years of suppression. ;-)

So you all liked my little recipe?! Glad you did. I have to say I'm a tad surprised that you don't know physalis or cape gooseberrys as they are also called. In Germany you get them yearround in nearly every supermarket, even in the small ones in the country. Also the price is always the same 0,99 € for a box (100 grams). They are cultivated in South Africa (Cape Town > cape gooseberry). But I know that you can grow them also in your garden here in Germany. Go to your local fruit merchant and ask for them, I can only recommend them, they are really tasty.

I've also got a nice and easy recipe for eggplants. I will do it at the weekend and post the recipe. And I've bought myself a really nice cookbook for asian food, so there will probably come something asian style food soon, too.

Next week will be interesting since my class starts. So be warned that I might post a bit less next week, due to serious tiredness. But I really look forward to this class.

Welcome KK, reader No. 8.

That's it for today.

Keep Running.

New: Just got reminded by cupcake that we are pretty lucky people, as opposed to the people living at Haiti. The poorest nation in the world and now the earthquake. Stuff like this makes me think. I just donated some money to the German Red Cross. They send their movable hospital over and I think that's a first aid. Even though I think there must be another way to help Haiti longterm.


  1. The Wii is fun, even my parents have one.

  2. Sounds like you got a nice workout with the Wii. Looking forward to the eggplant recipe.