Thursday, 21 January 2010

Sign of life


It went as I promised, I totally got into a rut this week: sleep, get up waaaaayyyy too early; project management class on solar heat; do some needed stuff like: buying new underwear, having a talk with my bank, exchange shoes with my cobbler; get home; take a nap; read another hour and go to bed. This was my week so far. I didn't have any strength left to do something that came remotely close to training, okay I walked to the cobbler. I'll go swimming on Saturday though.

The "problem", aside the paramount need for sleep, last week the snow started thawing, which means a lot of snow mud which is now freezing over again. To answer az's question, no, we normally have practically no snow through the winter here. This was the first time in two decades we've had so much snow for such a long time! In any case, I haven't seen the sun for nearly 2 weeks now, today was such day on which it stays twilight the whole day. I hate days like this.

But today offered another ray of sunshine. I've got an invitation for a job interview in Düsseldorf. Wahooo. I will go there by train on February 2nd. 11 hours on the train for a 30 minutes meeting. Crazy... And I have to get the train at 5:40 AM. To give you an inkling, I got up 6:30 AM today and I hated it. I don't know how Jenna does it, she's working shifts in an emergency room. I'd go nuts doing it. So I hold all the nurses and doctors at the hospitals in highest regards.

In any case I skipped speed training again, since they are at the parke again and I'd like to prepare another job application again. Again I found a lot of interesting job offers, I just don't get to do the actual application this week because everytime I get out of class I'm too tired to stay awake long enough. And this happens again and again... ;-)

On Sunday I sorted my clothes and got rid of all the clothes that were to small for me. I found a LOT of them! Over the years I was stupid enough to buy some clothes that I would wear as soon as I lost the odd 10 pounds..... Do I have to say any more?
The stuff went to an orphanage together with my skateboard, which I bought in 2001 to learn skating (I was 24!!!). Well, the last nine years it was lying in our cellar. Funny thing is, I don't feel sorry about letting it go at all. Triathlon really is my sport and I'm happy with it. *relieved sigh*
Best thing is I inspired my mom to get rid of some of her stuff too. She's got even some baby stuff from me left, I'm 32 mind you, so it was high time. It's isn't that much that she sorted out, but it's a start. My family consists of pack rats, very orderly ones but pack rats nonetheless. I fight it everyday.

This is it for today. I finally got the eggplant, so I'll post the recipe this weekend. Promised.

Keep sleeping! (or running, if you're awake long enough.)

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