Saturday, 20 February 2010

Back in training

Hello there.

I'm still on a high. My mood is fantastic and the weather too. Since the sidewalks are walkable again, I've decided to put my feet to them and walked extraordinary 10 k! Wohoo. First to the organic supermarket and back and than to city but not back. Hahaha. This makes wonderful 10k in warm sunshine.

And if that wasn't enough, I've decided to turn my eating into a much more healthy direction. From today on, one meal per day will be RAW. I've recognized this week that this is what my body craves: raw food. That's also a reason why I went to the organic supermarket. Luckily they had my favourite salad and I even bought myself a yogurt made from goats milk. Never ate one of them before, so it will be an interesting experience.
I also got more ginger and some chili to get my metabolism onto a faster pace. My mom only bought a small piece of ginger yesterday, since I didn't ate the last one. But now it's a new game and I need to lose my winter fat.

There was an interesting experience I made this morning. I looked at some old pictures of me and realized that I didn't look that bad on them. Not a big thing you might say, but it is certainly to me. I didn't like myself in the last 25 years and it didn't help that my mom told me I looked fat(even when I weighed 25 lbs less than now) and my dad telling me that I wouldn't get a boyfriend with my sense of order. HAH! Don't feel sorry for me now, because as I said I'm finally coming to terms with me and my looks. Wohoo.

I tell you one thing: This year is going to be great, marvelous and absolutely fantastic.

Tomorrow morning I will be at my track and doing some laps, with or without Chris. I have to prepare for a halfmarathon in two months, she doesn't. So lucky you, you'll get some stats from me tomorrow.

I wish all of you a wonderfull weekend.



  1. 1) Great attitude! Exciting to read that.
    2) I meant to comment on your last post with the pictures. I think they are great, especially with the fisheye lens. I enjoy your new hobby (but probably not as much as you do.)

  2. Eating raw is a great idea. You'll really get all your nutrients that way and I bet it will make you feel much better.

    Weight is a constant battle, some people just don't understand! You're working hard, keep it up!

    The lovely weather is really motivating, isn't it? Ours has turned back to gray =(