Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Good News!

Good Morning, Honey Muffins!
(Okay, I will check the urban dictionnary from now on! No unintentional embarrassment here anymore. Mind you, I'm german some english slang just eludes me. If I get over board tell me, I'll correct it.)

I've got a job interview scheduled for Thursday afternoon near Munich for the PERFECT job for me!!!

The job is


- related. Wohoo.

And what's even better, I'll be on the road often all over Europe. I hate it to do the same every day and sit in front the computer all day. I might even make trips to California for this job! And I will work on Mac. No more stupid Windoof.

Adding up on the perfectness (is that a word? No?! I don't care.) it's an advertising agency including photographers, moviemakers and soundengineers. So I'll work with a lot of creative people, which is perfect since I'll learn: to use photoshop, how to make better pictures, how to make cool tv ads and so on.

Chris and I will still live in the same city (she will move to Munich in a few weeks/months), so I've got one good friend to train, go on Photosafiri and to the cinema with.

Like I told ya, this job is PERFECT. Now I only have to get it. But I think I've got a good chance (which is a first in this job search), since my English is fluent and I'm an engineer with business knowledge. And I've got black turtlenecks. ;-)

I only applied Thursday for this job and was a bit anxious that I had applied to late. But in any case I did add some unusual stuff to this application, like an English Blogpost, in which I literally stated, that I'm the perfect girl for this job. And I added some pics with me and my iBook to this blogpost and the pic from my Januar 27th post.

I even made a pic from my moleskine calendar which I added to the blogpost for the application. The calendar has an apple sticker on it. *grin*

Why did I add this blogpost? Well they stated in the job ad, that the applicant has to be speaking English fluently and be an Apple Freak. Yep, they literally wrote "Qualifications: Apple Freak". LOL.

In any case getting there is also a lot easier than getting to Düsseldorf and it's Thursday, not Tuesday. This bodes well.

On the food front, I'm still following my secret plan. Which is sometimes taking up a lot of willpower. The thing is that I have developed a pavlovian reflex. Every time I sit down in front of a computer at class or snuggle into my armchair to read or start to watch a movie on my iBook I feel the need to eat, mostly sweets. Due to my secret plan I have to battle this reflex. Not that easy my dears. It's so easy to develop a reflex like this, but hard to can it. Well, I'll keep working on it, because it's good for me and it obviously gets me closer to my goals (weight).

Thank you all for your comments to my last post. I'll do my thing, might take a while though. Just been mad at him, but he is his own blind spot. It's the same with most of us.



  1. Fluffmuffins, eh?!?! ;-)

    I hope you get this job, but keep in mind, Cali isnt like the rest of the states, they are a different breed.

  2. whoops, I read it in a totally different context sometime ago. Ahem. I think I resort to german ones.
    And yeah, I know the rest of the states are different from Cali. But Apple is in Cali so...

  3. That is awesome! If you are going to use slang, perfectness is absolutely a word! :)

  4. Hope the Mac hiring process goes well. They are very thorough.