Monday, 22 March 2010

No MRI results

yep, I've been to my doc this afternoon and they still didn't have the results. So I'm still off from running. >:-(

But on the up side, my knee seems to be healing. It hasn't been hurting since Friday. So I guess I'll test it with a bit of walking in my Converse tomorrow to see, if it's really mended or if I have to stay away from training a little bit longer.

Today is SCAL(R)E Day.
Here are the results:
weight: 65 kg
fat: 29,8 %
muscles: 34 %
h2o: 51,2 %

Not bad, considering that I haven't trained a bit last week. Seems as if my secret plan is working in that field. It took a bit of will, but I made it.

There was perfect spring weather today and I enjoyed quite a bit of it outside. Now it's cloudy again, I just hope that we've got good weather tomorrow so I can ride my bike to school.

That's it.



  1. WHY?!?!?! Maybe healthcare is different out there, I dunno, but this seems like a reallllllllllly long time for someone to look at a picture and make a decision

  2. good question, I'll call them tomorrow to remind them of me.

  3. I hope your knee comes around. Does swimming bother it? Do you have access to a pool? You could even do some running in the pool.