Monday, 8 March 2010

A weekend without training ( Post111 ;-)

Good morning honeypuffs!

I enjoyed a nice weekend.

Stressful and appaling Saturday!
Saturday was a bit stressing, since I had to make birthday gifts (find them here), go into town to get pictures and a missing part of the presents, bake some muffins for the birthday party and get to the birthday party in time.

It worked out pretty fine considering that my Lomo camera broke. Suddenly the release suddenly didn't work anymore. So while my blueberry muffins were baking, I searched for the receipt and prepared the whole package to switch the camera at the store where I had bought it. As you can imagine I was slightly miffed at Lomography. A camera that brakes after 3 weeks... Well, I went to the store on my way to my friend and they switched it without any hassle. Then I only had to endure 10 kids in the age range 1 to 7 for about 5 hours, stayed for 6 1/2 hours. It was kind of hell to me. Don't get me wrong kids are fine! As long as I don't have to endure them. Well I coped. And stayed until 10:45 PM because K begged me, I would have left 3 hours earlier if she hadn't asked me to stay. I payed for my lack of self-preservation with cold feet and freezing on my way home, since I had to wait for the streetcar. Luckily I wore long trousers, there was a girl waiting with me who wore shorts (with tights, but still).

Oh yeah, remember that I wanted to talk to K's hubby D, about my ideas? Well we did and I know now that I can't count on him! Mind you he always complains at how stupid mankind is to destroy its own environment and that our leaders don't do anything about it. But guess what when I proposed a way to actually do something, to solve some of the problems he declined. He actually told me that it's nice that I worry but I don't have to because the universe/divine/umpalumpa/jesus will take care of it!!!!

I was so appaled!

How dare he talking to me like that, as if I'm a small child who cares about stuff it isn't supposed to care about! In any case I will follow my idea and make it work. He can stay in his little dream world.

Perfect Sunday afternoon!
Yesterday was close to a perfect Sunday. I slept in and in the early afternoon I went on Photosafiri. I shot 3 films with my new Lomo Fisheye. After this experience I think that my other Lomo never worked properly. When I got tired of shooting and the sun stood in the wrong place for more beautiful pictures, I got myself a Double Chocolate Muffin at Starbucks and went home by streetcar. There I cooked myself a hot chocolate and enjoyed it with the muffin in my ultracomfortable armchair in the late afternoon sunshine while listening to Sting's "Fields of Gold". *happy sigh* It was absolutely wonderful. A bit later I downloaded Shawn Colvins "Live" longplayer. This is just the best ever live longplayer. If you like her: GET IT!!! I snuggled deeper into my armchair, feet on the heating and headphones on. PURE BLISS!

And if that wasn't enough joy, I met with Chris at the cinema and we watched Tim Burtons "Alice in Wonderland" in 3D. Ah, the imagination and picture language of this man is unrivaled. I just LOVE his movies. Gawd, if you haven't so far, go and watch Alice, it's simply perfect. The colors, the story, the music! LOVE IT. It's my new favourite movie.

So yeah, perfect Sunday. *very happy sigh*

Today is SCAL(R)E DAY, weight stats:
weight: 64,8 kg = 142,86 lbs
fat: 29,5 %
muscles: 34,1 %
H2O: 51,5 %

This week I'll go swimming, no biking because we've got fresh snow again. Yep, it's back to icewalks instead of sidewalks. Bugger.

Have a good start in the new week and head over to KK's Views from the Mountain blog. She has a really interesting story to tell.



  1. Forget him, follow your goals and ideas, he is just doesnt have the determination to make things happen, YOU DO!!!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Never let other's negativity spoil your dreams. I love the new blog format, by the way. I hope Spring comes soon for you, it's March after all!

  3. Glad to hear a good review of Alice, I really want to go see it!!!

  4. Love the new blog layout too. That Sunday sounds absolutely delightful- I love all the music you were listening to.

    Sorry to hear the snow is back and that the guy dissed your idea-RUDE. You'll show him!

    Thanks for the shout out.

  5. What Diesel said. Nice Sunday for you. Mine wasn't quite as relaxing.