Sunday, 21 March 2010

Guess what ...

I can draw!

But first of all: 133 resumes, Keith?! Ouch. Well I won't give up. There is only one direction and that is FORWARD.

Today I realized some things.

1. I can draw! I'm not fast or perfect at it but I CAN DRAW. This realisation is really important to me, because I let several job ads pass, because I thought that I can't even draw. So now that I know, I'll draw a lot more. Practise, practise, practise. I'll visit several workshops (first one Friday and Saturday) to get better in certain areas and I'll do some computer workshops for InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop (June). Because these are the programs I'll need for the kind of jobs I will apply from now on too. Graphic Design, here I come.

2. I'm a fast learner. When I came back from Munich I had a chat with my seat neighboor. And he told me, that I definitely am a fast learner. Because I made the transition from project assistent over project manager to trouble shooter in seven months instead of seven or more years. In this time I also learned how to organize and manage events like robotic competitions and international conferences. And I learned to develop games too. This means I'm pretty good when it comes to skill development. *strike!*

3. I need a fast paced environment, otherwise I become a slacker and depressed. So jobs, where I do the same 24/7 are not an option for me. This is the reason why I hate class so much. It's essientially boredom for me, I do everything else but study. ;-)

4. There is a real chance that I can make it to Pixar. It will take some time and a whole lot of training of my drawing skills, but I'm abled to make it. *happy sigh*

5. I need a job to pay for my future art classes. So I'll take on even a job that isn't that creative but still fast paced. (I applied at a CCI which is searching an event manager. Fast paced, a teensy-weensy part creative, pays for my own flat, a new bed, a new macbook, programs, races and art materials & classes.)

6. I can use my bike from now on again. Well, as soon as it stops raining. And I have to kick my butt into gear to finally go swimming again. I'm such a slacker these days, it's disgusting.

7. I'll have to do the 10 k at the Leipzig marathon. There is no way I can prepare in one month for a half. But my knee is finally getting better. Though I think it's due to increased magnesium and Omega 3 intake and not because of the homeopathic stuff from my doc. In any case I'll meet him tomorrow.

8. There are films that can make me cry. The weirdest thing. It never happened to me before, but yesterday morning I cried watching korean "A millionaires first love". This totally surprised me, so I was crying and laughing at the same time. Interesting feeling. I think Sera Beaks "Red Book" had some impact on me.

So did you have some revelations this weekend? How did you figure out which jobs might be right for you?

London November 2007!

Tomorrow is Scal(r)e Day. I think it will be a few grams less than last week since I changed my eating habits, again! Though nothing too crazy this time.


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