Thursday, 22 April 2010

Food series - Looking for the name

Morning peeps.

I've already got two recipes for you lined up. This Sunday it will be "Vol-au-vent Elisabelle". Next week... hahaha, wait for the surprise, it's something I invented all by myself and I hope it tastes good (it's my lunch today).

In any case I've been pondering the name question for this series and I'd love your help with it. Here are some ideas that I've cooked up this morning in the streetcar:

- Weekly Adventures in Stone Age Food
- French Stone Age Food
- Stone Age Gourmet
- Discovering Stone Age Food
- What's with the food?
- The fun of discovering foodland
- The food sense
- Tongue Fireworks
- Pleasuring your Tongue
- Pleasuring your Taste Buds
- Taste Bud Adventures
- Food traveler
- Adventures in Taste
- Cooking Adventures

The two I favour are bold. What do you think? Any ideas?

Except for a 3 o'clock cookie adventure this morning, which was mostly due to habit and/or sleep walking I've been eating really healthy yesterday. No popcorn at the movie theatre and no chocolate after getting home, I didn't want to eat. I'm so proud on myself.

I've prepared todays lunch yesterday evening and this morning. It contains buckwheat, herbs and veggies. It hopefully tastes well. Tonight I'll go grocery shopping with Dad, since I need new pumpkin seed oil and maybe some other stuff too. I'm thinking on making my Freddy Krüger Eggplant for dinner. Now I just have to come up with food ideas for tomorrow. Maybe an easy salad for lunch, since I'll be home pretty early.

Yesterday I went to watch "Dorian Gray" with Chris. It just started this week in German cinemas as opposed to 9.9.09 in Dublin, Irland. I can't say that I enjoyed this movie. To much gore and bad mood for my taste.



  1. My vote is for "Taste bud adventures." :)

  2. Nothing with the word pleasuring in it-sounds like the food is well, never mind. guh-ross. I like stone age gourmet. not sure why. Freddy Kruger eggplant? I can only imagine...