Thursday, 29 April 2010

Everything new makes the May...

is a German saying. And it seems to hold true for me too.

My mac is really broken, the main board to be precise and therefore I need to replace the whole computer. Like everything this has a up and a down side. Positive is I get a new notebook, MacBook Pro 13", which has the Snow Leopard and a lot more storage capacity, I can get a Magic Mouse and the Photoshop and lots of other good stuff. *happy sigh* The negative thing is that it sets me back financially and not just a bit. And that I have to use my moms notebook for at least 2 weeks. *grumble*

This whole broken Mac business got me thinking last night. In fact I couldn't sleep because I had so many thoughts racing through my mind. I made some decisions last night and set some crisp goals in several areas of my life. This whole stuff isn't really worked out now, but I will do so in the next four days and have started to make my way to my goals right this morning.


Two of my short term goals I want to share, the other goals (long and short) I'll keep secret because some of them are a wee bit on the crazy side. (It wouldn't be me if I would set reasonable goals, now would it? *grin*)

Goal 1: Highest Priority!!! Get a new job until September 1st, 2010.
Goal 2: Weigh 48,5 kg on my birthday which is September 14th, 2010.

Crisp, ambitious and measurable, just as goals should be.

According to these goals and due to the broken Mac I'll cut back on my time in Blogland. I'll post the Taste Bud Adventures and probably 2 more posts per week, though nothing fancy and definitely not daily. I need the time to find joboffers and interesting companies and most importantly to write the applications.

This weekend I will do a SWOT analysis of me and then head out to conquer the world.


Pssst: My secret goal is GLOBAL DOMINATION! In what way? Don't have a clue. ;-)

Okay, that's it for today, there is a documentation and presentation that need my attention.

Do you have goals? (Except the sporty ones.) How do you work towards them?


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  1. I write them down, think about them, share with peoples close to me to ensure I get their support (it is necessary) THEN make a checklist on what I need to do to get there...or training plan, whatever works.