Monday, 19 April 2010

Sleep deprivation due to general stupidity

*Yawn* Morning folks!

I don't know about you, but my focus of interest shifts often (every few weeks, if I'm good, every few hours, when I'm bad). And at the moment I'm torn between watching korean dramas on youtube, photography and job search. Two weeks ago it was jobsearch and training and sleeping and changing my clothing style. According to this I tend to alternate between my blogs. This explains the lack of posts at this blog. And I don't want to bore you with only non - training related stuff.

The spring has finally arrived in Leipzig and the sun is shining since Friday (yeah, it still goes down at night). Since my knee is still not in its best condition, there is no thought of running. Which is so mean since the Leipzig Marathon uses my street and therefore I see the street signs already, they put them out 1 1/2 weeks ago!). I tell you next Sunday will be hell for me. To see all the athletes skating and running by for about 6 hours and to not being participating, again. AAAAAAAAAARGH. For a moment I considered getting race skates and starting next week with the Inline skaters. Seeing the amount on my bank account I put that thought to rest pretty fast. (sniff) [Not that I can skate well anyway, but who wants to be reasonable?]

Saturday I walked about 3 to 4 k and held a sunlight photography session in my room. Since I haven't got around to test all light conditions (using flash, candles and other artifical light sources) my room still resembles a photo studio and will do so throughout the week.

Sunday, the current training day of my week. (Embarrassing, eh?) Since I only layed down around 5 AM in the morning (Korean drama night, "Coffee Prince" is hilarious), I had a hard time getting up. I even thought of skipping training all together. But since the weather was so nice and I needed to get out at least once in the week...

Chris and I met at 10 AM and started for our usual round.

distance: ca. 15 k
time: 1:21 hrs
in zone: 55 min
HR: 129 bpm

We've had the perfect weather, sunshine with blue sky, no wind, perfect temperatures to ride without gloves but not too hot.

We've met a lot of cyclists and there was even a small race for youngsters held at the Markkleeberger See. Naturally the kids had Pro equipment, road race bikes, clothes including bike shoes and helmets. Yes, I was and am jealous. I've wanted a road race bike since I was a little kid. grumble.

Afterwards I had my usual magnesium drink and took a nap until lunch. Chicken and mushrooms for me. And then I watched the last two episodes of "Coffee Prince" and enjoyed the Sunday. In the evening I found another Korean drama "Goong Princess Hours", which is totally addicting too, don't start watching it if you don't have time. (I wanted to stop after the first episode...but I put my Laptop and me after the second episode to sleep, which was around 2 AM. 4 1/2 hours of sleep. Well done, San. )

Well, I've planned to start with a bit more training this week. More biking and maybe even swimming and definitely some strength drills. Hey, I did squats while brushing my teeth this morning, I'm on my way back to the way to the Ironman Hawaii! Hahahah. Big Daddy Diesel provided me with another push in the right direction. Cool Blogger of the Week! Swoon..................................

Okay, I'm back. Sorry for passing out. (*snicker*)

By the way, Jenna from "Will train for wine and chocolate" did her first triathlon. You find her race report at her blog. She is way ahead of me. Well done, girl. (Look at my blog it's green with envy. Hahaha.)

Do you have any media you are addicted to? A book that you couldn't put down? A TV show which you couldn't stop watching? A movie you've watched over and over again? A blog?



  1. I am addicted to podcast, I dunno why, but I listen to them all the time. Hmm a good book, not many of my last ones were all that great. A tv show, Hells Kitchen, my goodness, I cant stop watching it, I dunno why. And every one knows I am addicted to blogs.

  2. Hey thanks for the shout out =). Glad to see the snow has melted and you can at least get out for some nice bike rides with plenty of photographic opportunities! I am addicted to Hockey and TV. I watch these shows religiously: Lost, Bones, Fringe, Chuck, and my new favorite - Glee. I have read the Harry Potter series many times. Also Pride and Prejudice more times than I can count, and the Twilight Series (no laughing!). Keep up the great work, I hope you knee heals soon!

  3. I went back a few posts to see if you got that job from a while back but your mention of continued jobsearch leaves me thinking no. i'm sorry. hang in there, the right one will come along. And sorry about not being able to do the marathon. This wasn't your year but it won't be like that every year. Hang tough kiddo. Current addiction: The book I am reading (when I can get to it) "Lit" by mary Carr, which interestingly enough, is about addiction. Brilliant.