Sunday, 25 April 2010

Taste Bud Adventures - Week 1 - "Vol-au-vent Elisabelle"

On Tuesday I found a wonderful food picture at Elisabelles Blog. So I commented and she was kind enough to send me the recipe via E-Mail.

It went like this: "The recipe is very simple: home made pastry (butter,flour and water), mustard on the pastry and slices of tomatoes than you can top with any cheese you like. I add some hebs (basil, parsley...) and garlic."

Since I've had decided that very morning no more cereals I had to come up with an alternative for the flour. I chose almond flour instead.

So here my ingredients for "Vol-au-vent Elisabelle":
almond flour (grinded almonds)

grated cheese
cherry tomatoes
fresh herbs (such as: oregan, basil, coriander, cress)
mustard (for instance: Maille a la provence)

How to make it!
Mix the almond flour with soft butter (the real thing no substitutes! This is french cooking.) and some water, to get something the resembles dough. You can't spread it like normal dough, so use your hands to make some flat cakes at the baking tray which are roughly of the same thickness.

Before you start with the slicing of the tomatoes switch on the oven (ca. 180°C = ca. 350 ° Fahrenheit).

Now daub the flat cakes with the mustard and put the sliced tomatoes on it.

Top it off with the crated cheese and slide it into the oven for about 15 to 20 minutes. I put the herbs on them under the cheese, but that's not that good, because they lose their colour and some of their taste and healthy ingredients too.

After 20 minutes take the tray out. Careful, it's hot. (Use cooking gloves.) And put a hefty amount of the fresh and freshly cut herbs on the Vol-au-vents.

Use a big spatula to get the flat cakes to your plates, be careful they tend to fall apart due to nonstickyness of the almond flour.

You best enjoy them with a spoon and a knife on a nicely set up table, drink some nice white wine (or red) and relaxing background music!

Bon Apetit!

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  1. I prefer meat on my pizza, but I have to admit, thats looks good.