Sunday, 4 April 2010

First training ride with Chris

Hello lovelies.

I hope your spring break is nice and comfy. Mine certainly is and I'm glad that I have tomorrow off too.

Today Chris and I took our bikes out for a ride around the Markkleeberger See. And I took my Polar watch with me so I can present you the stats. The ride was ca. 20 k long and it took us about 1 hour. There was a wild water competition going on, so we stood at the entrance and watched for a few minutes. We've had strong head wind now and then, but most of the time it was lovely and the weather stayed nice. The forecast said rain for today. Lucky us.

So here are the stats:
time: 1:16 hrs. (with watching and photography stops, the pictures are crap, though)
in Zone: 52:34 min
HR: 141 bpm

All in all, we've had a lovely ride. The funny thing came for me afterwards. I put my bike back in the basement, got in my room took off my HR watch and stuff, made my bed and drank some water. A few minutes later I made myself a tea and a magnesium drink. When I sat down in my armchair and wanted to write this post I didn't have the energy. I didn't think much about it, but thought "okay I need some Magnesium". Then it hit me, I wanted to take up the glass and it felt like a ton of lead not like a water glass. Nevertheless I drank it up and layed down to recover because all of my energy was gone.

Looking back now, I think I've said hello to the man with the hammer (or he said hello to me?). I've held my carb intake low this week, even though I ate a bag of Othello cookies yesterday. But I didn't eat so much carbs overall. So this 1 hour ride must have brought me to the point of no carbs and my body had to make use of my bodyfat. Wahooooo! These are wonderful news.
Mind you I didn't see this ride as anything that went near this carb/fat change point, since I only reduced my carb intake but nowhere near zero. (At least I thought so.)

This experience is extremely good, because through this my body got the signal to build the necessary fat enzymes to get the energy from my fat depots and not mainly from carbs. That is wonderful. Especially since I obviously am only a 1 hour ride away from this threshold.

Since I have a goal for my weight and my bodyfat, I'll ride again tomorrow.

In any case, I'll have to bring my bike in for maintenance. The gear shift seems to be a bit out of tune. It shifted for no obvious reasons, which isn't exactly helping when I climb a "hill".
But before I do so, I'll go to the car wash and use the high pressure cleansing to get the dirt off of it. Ahh, I know what you think, but it's needed and 1 time in 4 or more years it is okay to do so.

And I know what my next big thing for my sport will be that I buy, a new helmet. I just need to get the money together. 12 € I have already, now I need 188 € more. No I haven't decided yet what kind I'll buy, but knowing me, it won't be ugly or cheap. So I need a bit of cash to buy one that fits and looks good. I've nearly bought one 2 years ago and I think it cost somewhere around 170 €. We will see.

I will also get my bike shoes out and recalibrate my pedals. But I won't wear my clickies without a helmet. I'm not crazy, I already kissed the cobblestones once, that's enough for me. And I have to find my other bike glove, it's MIA since January. >:(

By the way the easter bunny brought me my favourite bathing oil, season three of "Will & Grace" and some sweets. Nice bunny, eh? Was yours nice too?

The finishing touch. My nalgene bottle filled with the Berry-Chocolate-Proteine-Smoothie.

Happy spring break. Hope you get around the man with the hammer.



  1. 200 Euro for a helmet??!! That's almost $300 Canadian, which seems absurdly expensive.

    As I understand it, you need not burn all your carbs before burning body fat. It's all in how hard you're working. Get your heart rate into the right zone, and you're more likely to be burning fat. In any case, a calorie is a calorie. Burn it off and it's not going to get turned into fat.

  2. Holy cow, helmets are expensive out there, check online, you can get cheaper