Wednesday, 21 April 2010

New Series for this and my Style blog

Good morning everyone.

Inspiration galore in the streetcar to hell, ahem .... class, this morning. I've decided to start with a new series for this and my style blog.


I'll cook one new recipe per week (new for me) and post it on Sunday. I've got several cookbooks and a new mag concerning food, so I've got a lot to discover and try. Especially since I have to find a way to switch cereals with other stuff and I have to find out how to make the right portion sizes.

Best of all I can develop my photography along with it. Thinking of it, there was a photography mag with an article about food photography yesterday. Hahaha. That's fitting. I'll get the mag in the breakfast break. Photography and Food, the perfect combination for me. Maybe I'll become a food photographer instead of a PR person.

Eating habits
And yeah Keith you are right I'm bored majorly in class, so that's why I eat and also due to peppermint tea (somehow I have linked it to eating). That's why I write blogposts at this time of day too. And the healthy food was only yesterday.
The days before it was mostly raisin rolls or sweet bagels which equals unhealthy food and in my case I'm also allergic to it. I've decided to treat my body as if I was allergic to cereals and sugar. Though I failed this night, because I ate some chocolate cookies when I woke up at 3 AM (I wasn't really awake, so I don't hold me responsible ;-), I ate really healthy yesterday (Elisabelles recipe will be the first one for this week, I took pictures). So I was successfull, though not overall but in a small way. Wahoo.

For today I switched to lemon verbena tea,


which you should try. It's tasty and really healthy. You should be abled to get the lemon verbena at your local health food store, it's where I got mine.

What is your favourite recipe?

During my morning chores (washing and caring for my hair, brushing my teeth, etc.) I've done some strength drills for my legs and arms! Baby steps in the right direction. haha.


PS: @AZ I could send you the recipe for apple milk rice if you send me your email, you find mine in my profile.

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  1. I love food and I actually love to cook as well, I am gonna try out some that you post