Monday, 12 April 2010

Pictures, Training and Hair dying (long post)

Good evening. I'm pretty late with this post, I know. To console you:

Me, right now bleaching the rest of my hair, because we ran out of the necessary product Saturday morning while bleaching. So for 56 hours I've had dalmatian hair. (Funnily, I actually quite like this picture of me.)

So Saturday started off with some stress due to the incomplete hair dying, right afterwards I hurried into the city to get the necessary chemicals to complete the hair job and some other stuff. (Yesterday I decided to give my skin one day more for recovery.) Especially I needed the ingredients for my salad for my friends birthday party. And dare I say it. My salad was the most healthy dish on the whole buffet. Okay, there were some raw tomatoes there too, but the rest was artery clogging stuff. We've had fun nonetheless and got lucky with the weather, with rain gone right when we wanted to start the BBQ. I got home at 10 PM, since it was a mixed birthday, both my friends (she 31 and he 30) and their son (3) were celebrating. So lots of kids and the whole family, naturally with all the little kids it ended early and I stayed on to help clear up. Yep, I'm that kind of friend who stays long enough after the party to clean up. :-D

Yesterday was training. It's embarrassing to confess but at the moment I only "train" once a week. Yesterday was cycling with Chris. At 10 AM I was supposed to pick her up, I got up at 9:45 AM, brushed my teeth, drank my proteine shake, got into my gear (luckily I had found my bike gloves last week, it was freezing yesterday) and left the house 10:02 AM. I got my bike out and headed over to Chris and woke her up. Yep, she had fallen back asleep. Like I said, yesterdays weather wasn't exactly nice. When I left my parents it was dry, when I got to Chris (6min later) it started to drizzle and when she finally got her bike out 15 min later it rained in earnest. We've decided to train anyway (yep, we are that hard athletes!), but went for a small round. Luckily 10 minutes later the raining stopped and we continued on to the Markkleeberger See.

We both were lacking strength yesterday. I think mine was due to insufficient hydration, since I only had my proteine shake and no water or tea before heading out. In any case the fierce headwind didn't make matters better. When we got to the wild water rafting station they had training and we could go in and watch. For 10 or 15 minutes we watched and I took some pretty amazing pics (you'll find them at the end of this post).

While I love the pics, I hate what this standing there did to my muscles, they got so hard that I had to walk my bike up the hill, there was just no way to get up on my bike. We had decided to get back over Güldengossa and the southern battlefield. For those of you who didn't know, Leipzig had a major showdown with Napoleon. We've even got a huge monument to prove it.

(okay got out the hair bleach)
So after I got back on the bike we drove through Güldengossa, Wachau and back through Markkleeberg to Leipzig. Which was supposed to be a short trip, ended up quite long. ;-) Though I can't tell you the distance (maybe 15k), here are my other stats:
time: 1:52 hrs (including photo stops)
in zone: 1:07 hrs (told you the day was a bit off, my HR skyrocketet several times)
HR: 129 bpm

When I got home it was noon and since lunch wasn't ready, I just drank my magnesium drink and took a two hour nap. Somehow yesterday was nap day, because right after lunch I was so tired again, that I just took another one.

On the late afternoon I started with what turned out to be a korean movie marathon on youtube, I forgot to eat Dinner and got to bed at 3 in the morning. I had to get up 6:30 again. Now you know why I'm this late.

My knee didn't take the walking on Saturday and yesterdays training too well, it hurt yesterday evening again. >:-(

Okay here are the promised pictures.

For me the BEST picture!

No, she didn't try to stay in my focus. LoL.

Hope you like them.



  1. Are you going to post the final hair do?

    Love the pictures.

    And chuckled at waking your friend up after 10, i dunno last time I slept that long. Maybe when I was sick

  2. Very cool pictures - is that the same place they showed in last year's Amazing Race?

    Funny about the hair - hope it has all worked out since then!

  3. Dalmation hair. That would have been cool.

  4. You sound like a good friend to invite to a party.

    Great pics.

  5. Very cool pictures! Now I want pictures of the dalmation hair too???