Sunday, 25 April 2010

Instead of running with them...

my first marathon, second half-marathon or at least my third 10k, I went for a ride with Chris. (I still felt like crying my eyes out when I took my bike out.)

We started out on our usual route but got sidetracked from this. Which led to a photography session of about half an hour. We took hundreds of pics.

Aurora enjoying her time offroad. (But I really need to get the gearshift fixed this week.)

Could there be Dinosaurs?

Only those made of steel.

Chris and I decided to make these our wintergardens.

Some art lying along the way.

Todays stats (including photostops):
time: 2:22 hrs
in zone: 1:02 hrs
HR: 121 bpm

The first post of my food series will be up this evening. Before that Chris and I will go to the botanic garden for another photo session. Spring is fabulous and the weather like a perfect summer day. 23°C and a light breeze. Couldn't be better.

Enjoy your Sunday and races.


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