Friday, 9 April 2010

Just a "short" note

Except for a bit of strength training consisting of intelligent squats and another leg drill, I haven't done any training this week (not counting in the walking barefoot in ballet flats).

To make matters even worse I have eaten lots of unhealthy stuff over the course of the last two days. Apple milk rice (yummy but practically only carbs), easter chocolate bunnies (always head first, I'm such a killer ;-P) and 2 Bagels (cinnamon/raisin, chocolate) because they came fresh out of the oven (the smell was to die for).

On the up side I finally bought an iodine supplement again and I even drank my magnesium drink first thing this morning (for that I ended up nearly puking, my stomach isn't used to chemistry right from the start;-) to make up for it I ate a plum, but I still think my stomach is a bit mad at me.

Until Sunday morning there will be no training except for the squats, because there are still 3 applications waiting to be written, I have to bleach my hair (No. 1 priority! ;-P Hey, I'm a girl! *snicker*), my grandpas birthday is tomorrow and my friends birthday celebration too, for which I have agreed to make a salad (it will be a pak choy and sprouts salad with strawberry-mustard-vinaigrette). Sunday morning Chris and I will take our bikes for a ride and this remembers me, that I have forgotten to call my bike dealer for the repair of my gear shift. Darn it.

Another positive thing, the fashion company at which I applied didn't reject me right out of hand. Wahoo.

And my knee seems to come around too. Double Wahoo.

Okay, I have to finish the documentation of our block heat and power plant project. (Boring!)

What are your weekend plans?

Have a fun and relaxed weekend and a happy hello to my new readers, glad you are here.

Keep Moving Forward!


  1. Intelligent squats? As opposed to the stupid ones? How do I know which mine are?

    Chocolate bunnies are good. (Chocolate period is good.) Those bagels, I'd fall for them too. Good for your knees. Mine are a work in progress.

    Plans. Maybe bottle some wine for a buddy, and start another kit. I need to finish formatting my paper (ToC, page numbers, final proof read). REST!!! Sunday brick. Trying to stay warm.

  2. The stuff you ate isnt super bad, its not fast food.

    Good to hear the knee is getting better

  3. Apple milk rice? sounds interesting.