Thursday, 15 April 2010

No real training

though there was a long walk in the wrong kind of shoes on Tuesday, leading to blisters galore. So I got at least a 5k walk in this week. And I climb 3 staircases at least twice a day.
Unfortunately I eat huge amounts this week, which might be due to my lack of sleep. I've become addicted to the korean drama series "Love Contract", so I've watched several nights this week instead of sleeping. Not that smart, but I think we all have days or nights like this in some way.

This weekend I'll start out on a new photography project. Chris lends me her tripod for it. Mine is to weak for my big camera.

Shadow of a street light.

These slides I got back from my cross developed film. I don't even have a slide projector. LoL.

And since Big Daddy Diesel asked:



  1. You even took time and modeled!! Looks good.

  2. Thank you.

    Yeah, I did, but unfortunately the pics were crap. So I took one from a few weeks back, it's still the same hairstyle with fresh bleaching.