Tuesday, 27 April 2010

And the knee story goes on

I've been to my osteopath yesterday. Ani is certainly worth her money! I love it to go there, even though it costs me a certain amount of money. She realigned my muscles and organs and provided some clues of what my body likes and some other life options.
I felt a lot better right afterwards and continue to feel good today. She even revived my decision to not eat cereals, since my body has a high inflammation level at the moment.
She also advised me to take salt and alkali baths (first day Dead Sea salt, next time alkali / sodium bicarbonate bath) to help my body to get rid of some toxins.
And again told me, that my body doesn't want to run marathons. At least not in the near future. She felt that my body wanted something with a lot of air around me. But I don't know what exactly, skydiving, kitesurfing? At the moment cycling and swimming is fine though. I always wanted to try kite surfing. There is a school at the Cospudener Lake, might do a class this summer.

Next week I have a special doc appointment. It's a homeopathic screening. Due to my bureaucratic health insurence I have to pay it myself, but it's worth it. The doc is my "normal" practitioner, he's got the additional homeopathic education, so he will be abled to actually get down to the real reasons of my health problems and not just work at the symptoms, like the other docs did.
I kind of collect allergies, there has to be a reason for it, something like a base allergy. So my hope is, that we find out what it is and get rid of it, so that I get free of the tailing allergies and health problems.
In preparation of this appointment, I have to fill out an extensive form and answer all kinds of questions. It was amazing to me to see it written down how many health issues I have, from asthma to my weight issues.
Anyway, I'm glad that I've got this doc now, so I finally get my health sorted out.

Tonight I've got another really important appointment. Hairstylist! My current cut has grown out and is a mess, as you can see here:

I'm not so sure what comes next, but the hair at the back of my head will get cut short! Now it has the same length as the stuff on top of my head and I dislike it a lot.

I still do my strength drills in the morning. And last night I had a really long sleep. Nearly 7 1/2 hours. That's huge for me under the week. I still could have slept longer! ;-) But I'll definitely concentrate more on treating my body right from now on.

And I found out that "my" bike store does a mtb ride for girls every week (Thursday evening). I'll join it as soon as I got my bike fixed. Wahoo!

Keep Moving Forward!

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  1. I think the air thing is biking, thats what I first thought, then reconfirmed it with the mtb rides on thursday.