Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Yes, yes, YEEEESSSSSSS - I beat Elliott today

In case you don't remember or are not familiar with him, Elliott is my dragon aka lazy a** alter ego. He likes to lounch on the couch all day long with some nice music, chocolate mountains, legs on the radiator and someone to cuddle. Until now most of the time he won. Today was different I won. Finally. Frankly, Elliott isn't as lazy as he used to be and I really want someone to cuddle too.

It was a hard battle today. Here is how it went. Since it was sunny outside I got Elliott following me walking the whole 5 k to the national library over snow and ice without any complaints. I think he enjoyed it quite a bit, since I had fed him with Zucchini-latkes before we left.
But as soon as we got to the library the reprieve was over and he started nagging. He wanted a candy bar, I was neither hungry nor did I have an appetite for a candy bar. A candy bar at that moment would have spoiled all my advances over the last few days. No reasoning with him, he continued with nagging for the next 2 hours. You think it's funny? Try to concentrate on preparing an important job interview with a 500 pound dragon sitting next to you and screaming "I want candy and I want to go home, not to that stupid piano concert" in your ear. At 5 PM I decided to read Marksdailyapple.com Forum with the success stories again. And that quieted Elliott down.
At 5:30 PM I gave back my books and went to the cafeteria to drink a hot tea (it was freezing in this darned reading room) and eat the rest of my zucchini-latkes. I made sure to forego the nice looking cakes and candy.
Then I walked another 4 k to the music college, Elliott was really unhappy about it and I wasn't exactly happy either. Because it seemed like I walked through a blizzard. And you know what, the big music room where the concert was, was also waayyyyyyyyy too cold. After the concert I walked another k through the blizzard to my streetcar station and went home.

Now I'm enjoying a hot peppermint tea, fish, tomatoes with feta cheese and sour cream.

You know what is also really funny, I will have another interview tomorrow, though this one is a phone interview (they called when I was at the supermarket today). We'll see how it goes with both interviews, the other one is real life on Thursday in Dresden again. Cross your fingers that I finally make it.

That's it. I finished my meal, time for a good nights sleep in my warm and comfy bed.



  1. The first time doing anything is the hardest. Always. Anything. Keep on Elliot's case, and he'll get easier and easier to deal with.

  2. Yay for beating Elliot! Soon he will love going for workouts with you on a daily basis. Good luck with the interviews!

  3. Congrats on beating Elliot

    Good luck with the interviews