Friday, 3 December 2010

Some training news

Oh my, you probably thought by now, I had totally given up, now did you?

Okay, so this and last week training was walking, walking, walking in the snow!!! Plus some stairs and squats. And dare I say it? My knee seems fine. Now that I said it, tomorrow will it probably misbehave. I always was this way. In any case, I can't go running with all this snow anyway, so there you have it, I'm stuck with walking and stairs for the time being.

This pic is from Sunday since then we've got about 20 cm of fresh snow.

When it comes to food I did misbehave this week, after all it's christmas market and I needed my fix with vanilla cream waffles. And I think, I've had it. We'll see how I think about it next week.;-)

Jobwise, I'm sending out application after application, thankfully Germany's recovering, so more and more interesting and fitting jobs are on offer, even though I just got another NO. Looks like I really can forget about engineering stuff, because the last two Nos were in engineering and really quick. Well, it's the loss of the german engineering in long term. China will take over in a few years, considering that their universities spit out hundred thousands of engineers every year and Germany is having trouble recruiting young people for engineering. And currently german engineering companies are still not ready to accept female engineers (what they don't say in press interviews). Well then, marketing and technology transfer here I come.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. I didnt think you gave up, I think you will complete your dreams