Friday, 17 December 2010

Interviews went well, food test not really

Hey there. Just a short update.

Interviews: Splendid. The first one led to an in person interview in January. The second was actually the second for another job in person and it went well too. I will get notice before Christmas if I made it. When I went out of this interview I was totally excited and felt great.

Food: wellllll. Mark Sisson proposes in his "Primal Blueprint" the 80-20 rule. Which means it's alright to fall of the wagon every now and then. For special occasions like the holidays or some major family parties. The last two days I experimented with this and have come to the conclusion, that I have to do 100% to keep my body happy. Wednesday I ate 2 (german not american) small potatoes and a few bites of stollen (after all once a year I "should" take a bite). Well, I got tired just a few minutes after eating it and then when I wanted to walk back home, just a few minutes afterwards my legs told me: "you aren't seriously thinking of walking now, right?" They burnt after a few steps!!!

So there you have it, carbs are BAD for me.

The only thing that is worth feeling sluggish is Starbucks chocolate truffle cake. I shared a piece with my friends yesterday and miraculously I didn't feel totally sluggish. Well, maybe it was due to the fact I was already tired. It was a loonng day, yesterday.

On the weekend, I will make all the christmas presents, that I want to make. It's quite a bit of work.

That's it for today. Have a great weekend everyone.



  1. Fingers crossed for the interviews! I love carbs. Chocolate cake is my favorite pre-race carb.

  2. Good to hear the interview went well