Monday, 13 December 2010


I've got good news. Primal eating works really well (for me). I reached last weeks goal, even though I ate horribly on Wednesday and Thursday.

Last weeks goal was reaching the 135,? lbs on my scale and I did it!!! I could hardly believe it when I read it yesterday morning. (I started out with 138 lbs last Sunday.)
So it is certainly true, skip grains and starchy/sugary foods and you'll get rid of this darned bodyfat. This means I'm sticking with the Primal lifestyle mainly, but I'll include triathlon training (which in Primal Blueprint terms is called chronic cardio and isn't considered a good thing), because I still have my Ironman goal. Though I will do it on fat metabolism and not carbs.

After these three days I'm pretty confident, that I will be abled to finally run another halfmarathon next year and maybe even a marathon. (Less fat, less "dead" bodyweight to lug a around;-) Seeing how training goes. I certainly won't make the same mistakes again. I'll build mileage up slowly and do a lot more strength and crosstraining (swimming and bike).

For the rest of December, I'll focus on the right food (sources, recipes and amount) and staying upright on Leipzigs streets (which is currently a feat in itself). In January, I'll start with "proper" swim training and hopefully my new job.

Okay, I've got some research to do for my next interview. See you in a bit.



  1. Great for reaching your goal! Don't eat too little if you up your training. Have a great week!

  2. Congrats on your goal.

    I agree with Johanna, once you hit peak season, you will need the carbs.