Saturday, 25 December 2010

A fresh start

Well, well, Christmas morning is here and a new start for me. After indulging into christmas foods the last two weeks I'm back to the Paleo lifestyle from this morning on.

I've got a whole lot of reasons. My health being the main issue.

I started a new journal (word), where I will jot down what I ate, my sleep and exercise and the way I felt. The reason is that I still haven't found the right amount to eat and to keep my diet interesting.

I've started to listen to Robb Wolfs Podcast, which you find here:
This podcast is truly AMAZING. I've learned sooooo much just listening to edition No. 3, I didn't get the older ones via iTunes.

Anyway, I doubled my Vitamin D intake and threw out the grains, legumes and dairy products (except for the milk) I still had in my kitchen. No excuses anymore. Paleo is the way to go for me.

So, what did Santa bring me? (He comes at Christmas Eve in Germany.) An ugly but wished for pot just for boiling eggs, a big salad bowl with lid and filled with fruits (yeah), teas, some chocolate, money, a purple umbrella with polka dots, a bodyshop shower gel. And I got myself a bag from "Quer" and a japanese dictionnary. Yes, I definitely start out now with learning japanese. I even have a blog for it now. ;-)

I hope your Santa brings you all that you yearned for and have a wonderful Christmas or whatever holiday you are celebrating.


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