Saturday, 11 December 2010

Second day of 100% Primal

Good Evening everybody.

So today is the second day in a row, where I haven't eaten any sweets or grains!! I'm terribly proud on myself, if I'm allowed to say so. Since this is my blog I certainly am allowed to say so.

Funny thing is, I also did some intermittent fasting, without having planned for it. What I mean is that I skipped dinner last night entirely. When I left for the concert (Robert Schumanns "Genoveva") at 6 PM I still wasn't hungry at all and so I figured that I could skip dinner altogether since I would be home pretty late and had no intention to start cooking after 10 PM. It was a good decision since I was home at 11 PM and still full of energy even though my stomach grumbled a bit. So during the night my stomach send out some tunes (more grumbling), but my energy levels stayed the same. No sugar crash whatsoever!

Today I've had my usual proteine shake for breakfast. For lunch I had a delicious bowl of stew with turkey hen, tomatoes and golden kiwis (recipe in the next taste bud adventures). Then I went into the city by streetcar and got myself an new pan with a lid (I love this pan), two food storage boxes and a cookbook about meat it is called "meat basics" and I think I will start reading it right after I finished this post.

For dinner I had a korean style meal. The food in itself wasn't korean except maybe the wakame, but it was made up of three little side dishes (2 broiled eggs, 3 stripes of grilled turkey hen and some wakame) with a quickly made tomatosauce which contained 1 onion, 3 teaspoons of coconut oil, 3 teaspoons of heavy cream, a hand full of cherry tomatoes, the juice of a lemon and some tomato puree. This dinner was delicious, primal and served nearly no carbs. Which is fantastic for the evening since I want to have my insulin level down for the night, because I want my body to burn fats and produce the human growth hormone and repair my cells. But when you eat carbs in the evening and have an insulin peak, this whole process starts significantly later and you don't see the results you want, like a lean body, bigger muscles, clear skin or whatever else.

I also prepared some healthy snacks for me, so that when I don't eat a propper dinner (some days I'm just too lazy or uninspired) I have some healthy food choices to munch on without any effort. Those snacks are the stripes of grilled turkey hen and broiled eggs so far. However I want to make some other snacks, but I need more boxes, before I can make them. Yes, I could use bowls and alu foil, but then I don't see the food and forget about it (which happened time and again). I have to see what I have as food choices or I'll grow some special funghi in my fridge, since I'm not a friend of those funghis....

So yeah, I've enjoyed 2 lovely meals, got another pan which I love, prepared primal snacks, did the grokcrawl through my flat for exercise and have an interesting new cookbook. I'm feeling really content this evening. Now I just need someone to cuddle and I'm in heaven. Well, as it looks, it's "only" my teddybear again. But I guess this is fine for this year. Next year is whole different story. ;-)

Enjoy your weekend, eat delicious and healthy food, have fun with training and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones.


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