Sunday, 5 December 2010

Figuring food out

This Saturday I enjoyed an apartment day. Means, except for going grocery shopping I stayed home, cleaned and enjoyed my apartment.

What I found out is that I obviously don't eat enough! How come, you might ask. Well, yesterday was a day when I literally ate all day. But since I didn't have any sweets and didn't buy any sweets, I had to make do with what I had to eat. And this wasn't bad food, in fact it was all very delicious, however it was low in it's fat or carb content, so I ate and ate and ate.

I ate: 4 or 6 Kiwis, 3 persimons, 8 or 9 small meatballs, 1 proteinshake, cherrytomatoes with feta cheese, 1 tin of Scomber Mix (fish with vegetables in tomatosauce), 2 clementines and 3 pieces of dark chocolate (doesn't count as a sweet, because of it's low sugar content). You know the funny thing is: looking at this all I realize that this isn't much, but when I ate it I thought I was eating tons. I think my perception of food amounts is totally off. (I really don't know how vegans do it, do they eat constantly? Mind you, I admire them, because I know I couldn't do it and wouldn't want to for that matter.)

Funny thing, even though I thought that I was binge eating yesterday evening, (binging on kiwis, persimons and the fish tin) I lost about 1 pound of weight. This morning I weighed 137,4 lbs.

So, what am I going to do? I'll have to eat more, but how much more? I know that I get sick from eating grains or too many sweets. Last sunday I ate quinoa and felt sick the whole night, and I get eczema from eating bread! I really have to figure out how much more and what to eat


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