Monday, 13 December 2010

Food pictures

Thank you for your concern. However I think I'm having to clear something up. I'm not eating less!! I just eat different. I eat a lot more proteins (fish, fowl, meat, eggs) and good fats (olive oil, coconut oil, creme fraiche is at the moment my favourite) and more fruits and veggies. I'm simply avoiding food that has a high insulin response. Other than that I don't have any restrictions such as the amount. I eat as much as I like and until I'm sated.

And besides, we all know that I'm lacking self discipline, I couldn't starve myself and I don't want to. Besides food is fun, why would I cut out the fun.

Since I have gone so long without pictures on this blog, here is some food porn of the last few days. And yes today and yesterday I was also 100% primal. (Okay, maybe somewhere I have some discipline stored, for occasions like this. *snicker* I also didn't buy the Snowwhitecake, which is an absolute favourite tastewise, but it leads me to feeling bloated and even asthma. Don't need that, thanks. )

Time for the food porn:

Grilled salmon with tomatoes and kiwis swimming in olive oil

selfmade tomato sauce with kiwis and creme fraiche

Dinner korean style, 2 broiled eggs, turkey hen, wakame and the tomato sauce

Todays korean style dinner, fish mix, 1 broiled egg, some grilled stripes of turkey hen, 1 apple, 2 spoons creme fraiche, wakame (not in picture because it hadn't finished soaking)

See? I'm not eating less, I'm just eating better. *grin*


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