Wednesday, 20 October 2010

My new style blog

Today, after getting several applications out (yes, 3!) I went to my hatter, to get some repair and improvement done. Since I'm so nice and love hats, I had looked on her website and came up with several ideas of how to improve it and getting her more business. One idea was a blog on hats, since this takes less work than the website, but she doesn't have the time.

Since I LOVE hats and they come back in style and I changed my clothing style to hat-compatible, I've decided to give up my old style blog and start a new one on hats and how to wear them.

It's online now and if you like hats have a look at it. (Just one post now. Nothing much to see.) the Link:

On the food front: I still struggle with Elliott and eating too much bad carbs, but it keeps getting better.

The knee is misbehaving again, but it might be due to some food or shoe issues. And it's not the tendons, which is weird. Anyhow, training continues.



  1. I still think there is something they are missing or over looking, you been hurting too long for them not to know.

  2. I think, that it's the baker's cyst again. Since it's hurting in the back, which it hasn't done for 5 months or more. Frustrating.