Saturday, 2 October 2010

I'm not talking about it

My mood has slightly improved for several reasons, those are:

- I finally send out another application, though it wasn't the one I talked about for weeks. I applied at a Federal Office, because I had the qualifications and ... why not? I haven't got a No until today, which is a surprise. When I applied for another post last year, I send out my (paper) application on Monday and had it back on Wednesday (the same week)! This time it was an online application so they could've have been even faster.

- The weather is better, which lead to a lot of outdoor activity. Outdoor activity = mood improvement.

- I've read some pretty awesome stuff in a mag, in some essays and a book.

- I'm back in the black. Phew, going to interviews is expensive. Good thing I get the money back, can only take a few more weeks. Big corporations are way too slow with stuff like this.

On BDs comment to my last post:
"Taking care of yourself is work, alot of it. It sucks alot of times."

In my opinion this is the wrong approach. I really think I shouldn't see it as work. This goes for the so called "work-life-balance" too. What "work-life-balance" implicates (and this is something I read somewhere on the web, just don't remember where.) is that you don't live while you work, that's eight hours and more each day, adding approximately 6 to 8 hours of sleep and you live only through a third of a day. So when I add up the time I need to do the other things, like laundry, taxes and (after your approach) caring for me etc. I'd live only one hour or less a day. This sounds absolutely horrible to me.

So NO. Caring for me is supposed to be something that I enjoy, every day. Same goes for work. (Okay, taxes aren't something I can enjoy, only when I get some paid back. ;-)

"Thats why, I sign up for a race, then post that race date through out the house, a constant reminder of why I am doing what I am doing, its a nice reminder to keep moving forward. I suggest maybe the same for you, signup for a race and post it and work towards it."

An approach I've tried time and again. And then I failed it time and again. Or did I run Leipzig marathon this year? Or write this darned application to CERN? No. This is not how it works for me. It's fine when it works out for you, but I learned in the last few months that this is not my way. There is a really cool talk about this on and it certainly makes sense for me. So I keep my mouth shut from now on.

So this weekend I will... not talk about my plans. Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy your life.



  1. Oooh...wasn't that interesting. I was sabotaging myself the whole time.

  2. Its great we have different opinions, that what is great about the world.