Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Tell me why I don't like, NOOO, HATE Tuesdays

Seriously Tuesdays plain suck. I always stand beside me on Tuesdays. Yesterday again.

Rotten mood, no motivation whatsoever and eating lots of crap.

To look on the bright side of things, I definitely know now that when I get out and about, I start to feel better immediately. Unfortunately Elliott, my fat and lazy dragon, is pretty good at keeping me in and in my old habits. Well, Elliott my dear, your fat and lazy days are running out, time to get you fat a** moving.

However I had the energy to send in some pictures in the Nikon Photo Contest International 2010/2011. But I didn't and still don't feel excited about it. Which is weird. Well, the winners will be anounced at the end of June next year, so there is a lot of time till then.

Since AZ asked for some woodwork pics, here they are (though it's a picture board not my bed):

I also realized yesterday, again, that I still think of caring for myself and my body to be work! And not that I 'm doing something that makes me feel really good in my skin and about me. This is still some bit of rebellion against my mom. It's really hard to get this out of my system. In my head I know that it comes down to a high level of selfsabotage, but to change it is a long and hard process. Well, as my friend Susie said on Monday, it's amazing that I really realize where my problems lie and that I can adress them. Nevertheless, it will take some time to get this rebellion against me, myself and I out of my system and Elliott. But I will succeed. (In the end nothing disturbs my mom more as when I actually do something, she thought I couldn't. Hehe.)

(and drag your dragon right along with you, even if he screams blue murder.)


  1. Show me that picture board girl!

    Tuesdays = not so bad. In fact Fridays might be my worst day since Fridays = bathroom cleaning day.

    I like your snakeskin print rain boots.

  2. Taking care of yourself is work, alot of it. It sucks alot of times.

    Thats why, I sign up for a race, then post that race date through out the house, a constant reminder of why I am doing what I am doing, its a nice reminder to keep moving forward. I suggest maybe the same for you, signup for a race and post it and work towards it.