Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Okay, so for the last two days I've pondered the question: "For what kind of jobs do I want to apply?" Again.

The trouble is that I've heard time and again that I'm "too creative" for the job, go figure. This happened 10 years ago when I worked in real estate management (pure boredom, my personal nightmare). This happened again last year in my job. This happened in April when I had an interview at an advertising agency(!), where I applied for a job that fits my occupation (engineer). This happened again last Friday during the interview at a German car manufacturer. Hell, the interviewer even offered me the contact details for ad agencies who might need someone like me! And when I think about it there were a few more interviews, where they hinted that I might be too creative for this kind of job.

This is freaking me out. I mean, there I was always thinking that the German economy needs creative engineers to keep our little head start we have against China and India. But it seems I was wrong! No job contract for this creative engineer. So China and India, you don't need to spy on us, the german HR departments make sure we kick ourselves out of the competition. Just wait a few more years, dwindling birth rates, old world thinking and the famous German Angst will eliminate us.

So what am I doing now? Well, I readjust my search parameters. From today on I also apply for jobs as a writer at advertising agencies. I'll take whatever job I think is most interesting, pays enough that I can live well. I will continue applying for engineering jobs. But I won't limit myself to it anymore.

And I get a new application picture taken. I'm currently getting the stuff together, I already have the red satin gloves (who would've thought that it's that hard to get gloves in this city? The sales clerk said they were leftovers from carnival. No sense of style this woman.), next is the black bow tie (40€ ouch, but I want one that I tie myself, the pre-tied ones lack style.), the earrings (Pearls or diamonds? That's the question. At the moment I lean toward pearls, though I'd have to buy them too.) and the appointments (Photographer and make-up artist, I simply can't apply the needed Sixties eye make up myself. Well I could, but it's supposed to be a close up portrait, so I need a perfect make-up, otherwise the pic would be ruined.). And yes, I'll show you, as soon as it's taken.
Loni, a friend of mine with whom I discussed this whole job matter yesterday evening, just said: "Cool idea, but you won't ever get an engineering job with that kind of picture! It's way too creative." Whoops.

And to state the fact that I'm creative, again, a shot from my new "Leipzig at Night" series for you.

Leipzigs "Uniriese" (MDR Skyscraper - officially) at night. It took me a few times to get it right (I wasn't used to use a tripod and long exposure, but from the third shot on I knew how to do it properly.), but here you go.