Monday, 13 September 2010

And the knee goes on...

Okay, glad that AZ will keep the skirt lessons in mind. ;-) Funnily enough I saw a lot of girls in the city with even shorter skirts and dresses the next day. Maybe it's just getting used too. Still waiting for the companies decision. I just hope that if there's a no, they don't give it to me tomorrow, this would totally ruin my birthday mood.

Anyway. Friday I went to my Doc again. Concerning the knee I get one more round of physiotherapy in the hope, that if all my muscles and ligaments are free, my knee get's back to normal. Until then it's bike and swim. I also got some stuff to help my connective tissue to get rid of the toxins it harbors and get the lymph flowing, which might lead to less inflammation and therefore a better knee, too.

And we got rid of my bad evening and night eating habits including my preference of sweets, wohoo. It seems to work, though it takes some getting used to on my mind/habits. I strolled out Saturday night, took a good look on the fridge and the kitchen cabinet with the cookies, but I didn't like anything and went back to sleep, which is new. Somehow Eliot (my dragon, that lazy a**) seemed to think on the weekend: "Ooouuuhh, no more eating in the evening? We need to compensate!" Which lead to stuffing myself over the day. Ts,ts,ts.

Hopefully the new way of eating is thoroughly implemented now and I'll finally get rid of the excess fat. It worked well with the nosespray (4 Months already, Wohoo.) so it will work with sugar in the evening, too.

Chris and I went for our usual round, but on Saturday and went by bike to some art exhibitions yesterday. Very sporty weekend. Even though I slept a great deal. Sleeping in the warm sunshine is pure luxury for me. I even did it on a beach on Big Island Hawaii. Pure bliss.

Okay, got some stuff to organize and look up some new job offers and apply.

Have a great new week everyone.



  1. Maybe you'll get a nice birthday present as a result of your interviews.