Thursday, 9 September 2010

Maybe too short

Okay, so yesterday I learned quite a few things about wearing skirts.

#1 If the skirt is long enough when you stand, this does not necessarily mean it is long enough when you sit! Oy veh, did I feel uncormfortable when I sat down.

#2 Tights and velcro don't go well together. My wonderful and expensive Burlington might be ruined without being worn at all.

#3 Burlington is much more comfortable to wear than Falke 40DEN.

#4 Kunert 80DEN is much more comfortable to wear than Falke 40DEN.

#5 Having a unique style and wearing a skirt gets you noticed. In a good way!

#6 A skirt has to sit snuggly to keep you warm. I often felt like I was wearing only tights yesterday, totally weird. Mom said, I just wasn't used to wearing skirts.

#7 I need more tights and skirts (preferably tighter and longer). Good thing that next week is my birthday, I already told my mom that it's time for a shopping tour. Work dress or skirt, several tights and a trenchcoat are calling to be MIIINNNNNEEEE.

On the job, it's in communications of a huge company. But the companies HR works really well and the team seems to be really nice. The job is interesting too. Keeping my fingers crossed, that this works out.

Have a great day.



  1. I know nothing about style, so I will say good luck at the interview

  2. I'll keep all that in mind when I go skirt shopping.