Thursday, 2 September 2010

Readjusting the second

Since I have another interview next week and I want to look gorgeous, I've decided to make today and maybe tomorrow (depending on how I feel after today) detox days. I use Mireille Guilianos "Magical Leek Soup", which consists of nothing more than leeks and water. Now, I really like leeks so this should turn out well. (At least I hope so, there were some horror stories on the forum.)

Except for the detoxing, it's also said to clean up the taste, free it from the processed food cravings. Since I have adopted some eating habits that are really bothering me and my food snob self, I think it's high time to do this cleaning. No more eating a quarter chocolate streusel cake for lunch! (Yep, did that one or two weeks ago! So sad.)

And since a clean body enjoys a clean room, I will also do another room cleaning including getting rid of some unnecessary stuff. There are still some boxes with clothes I want to look through. And then there is the huge heap of stuff on my wardrobe that needs sorting. I would've thought, that after one year of sorting out I would finally be done with it, but no, still way too much stuff clogging up my energy flow and my room. (No wonder I don't own a car, I sank all my money in "unnecessary" stuff. ouwww.)

But the getting rid of old stuff seems to help with getting rid of my bodyfat too. I had a nice surprise when I stepped on my scale this morning (to see if the claims of Mireille hold true for this too and not only for chocolate ;-). Since my worst times in January or February this year, when I weighed 66,6 kg I got rid of 4,9 kg, my scale showed 61,7 kg (roughly 10 pounds are gone). I wasn't this "light" in years.
My 33 birthday is in 12 days. It would be a fantastic birthday present to myself when I'd be under 60 kg by then, 59,9 kg is perfectly fine with me! But no pressure. ;-P

I'll keep you posted how the detox goes. And I have two new Taste Bud Adventures in the pipeline, which I'll post as soon as I get to it. (Hahah, no more promises for blogposts on a certain time, I've learned my lesson.)

This is a pic I took on one of Chris and mine Sunday bike tours.


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