Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Can you decide that

something is your "drug"? Well, I don't know now if it works, but I did so and we'll see if it works out. It's a good "drug", no alcohol or chocolate or whatever. Don't you worry.

As you can tell from yesterdays post my mood is down in the cellar these days. Because nearly nothing works in the way I want it (job, flat, eating habits, training, bike). However yesterday evening in the streetcar I've had a few uplifting seconds. When I looked at my reflection (It was after 8 PM and already dark outside and the street car pretty empty, so I couldn't help it.) I liked what I saw and even more did I like that I seem to move in the direction I want to go stylewise. It was the first time that I looked at my reflection and felt like a grown up woman.

Today I feel more like an athlete who's done some necessary training. I've done some easy (legs full length on the bed) push ups. I don't remember the count (I don't need it, because I do pushups until my arms tremble and then two more), but obviously it was the right intensity and amount for a training effect, because I have sore chest muscles now. Good thing I have some physio therapy scheduled for today.

I also walked about 10k fast. Mind you, I don't mean this old lady sport walking, where you put on sport clothes, though I wore my Nike Free shoes I also wore jeans and my red trenchcoat. I walked to a furniture store up the road looking for a bed (they didn't have any beds that I liked) and later I walked to the city (approx. 5k). The tendons and muscles around my left knee weren't too happy about this exercise, but it didn't exactly hurt. I was only uncomfortable.

On the positive side I finally drank my magnesium two days in a row, that's a huge accomplishment (normally I'm good when I trink it once a week). I also had one of my proteine days yesterday. And though I also ate a lot of sweets, it was less than the days before.

Okay, got a lot of things to do and go to. Have a great day.

Read Keiths comment to my last post, it's amazing and it provided a b... kick I needed.


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  1. Great comment by Keith. Just being active everyday will help. Set some small achievable goals along the way, that way you'll have something tangible to shoot for instead of Ironman Hawaii that is so far away (for all of us).