Friday, 24 September 2010

4 + 20 + Mg = Improvement

As you can tell from the title I succeeded yesterday in walking more then 4 k, cycling 20 k and drinking my Magnesium! Wohoo. I also had a piece of my second favourite cake the "Donauwelle". My favourite cake is Starbucks Chocolate Truffle Cake.

My mood has improved too, since I had a nice evening with my friends, my birthday dinner (we had selfmade cold spring rolls and some cheese'n'baguette).

Really funny was that I got the book "Eat Pray Love" from Elizabeth Gilbert in English from my friend K. Which is by mere chance the book, which I had put back on its stack in the bookstore on Tuesday evening, because I thought that the german translation is probably awful and that I should buy it sometime in English. What are the odds for something like this to happen? It's a fluke. (K was literally shocked by how many books I own and to think that I already have sorted out tons of them! *snicker*)

I also got two developed films back with really cool pictures. I just love photography. And my friends praised me for my organization of my photographs. Yeah. Since I've always been the dishevelled (or is "messy" the correct word?) one in our circle of friends, this praise does mean a lot to me. I'm on a good way.

I'm not so happy about finding out what will help me with my tendons. It's YOGA. I don't like yoga, I took a class once which was pure boredom.
I have two books on it though. A really beautiful one by Christy Turlington and an ugly one for runners by Jean Couch (what a name). In case you are wondering I mean the books layout in terms of ugliness and beauty. Seems like I don't get around it, since I want to run again with smooth tendons and muscles I have to do yoga. *grumble* As soon as I move to my new city I'll look for a yoga class and a triathlon club, until then I'll have to use the books.

Have a great day!


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