Thursday, 16 September 2010

Taste Bud Adventures - Espresso

Over the last few months I had nearly no motivation to try anything new foodwise, which changed luckily a few weeks ago.
This week is a peak with lots of new tastes, like: Starbucks Chocolate Mocha, Bulgogi and Kimchi (Korean food on my birthday, yummy) and a newly made up pasta dish with soba noodles and salmon. So far I really like this week. ;-)

Anyway, a few weeks back I decided that it's time to try something new and this was the Espresso. I never drank coffee and still don't like it. However I thought that its time for some experimental stuff.

(I took those pictures.)

It was the week of the car manufacturer interview. I spend the weekend with a very good friend in the Black Forest and when I told her, that I wanted to drink Espresso for the very first time, she got really excited and offered me that we drink some together, freshly made with her stove espresso maker. She bought Lavazza Rossa for this little adventure, since she hadn't been drinking espresso for a while and therefore no espresso at home.
When we got back from our trip to Basel (Switzerland) it was 10 PM and we had a small but very tasty dinner, with chicken on salad and fresh figs for dessert. Afterwards we really commemorated my first cup of espresso. The special part: We used the Starbucks espresso cups that I had just bought her as a gift in Basel. (Since we always go more than once to Starbucks, when we spend the day together in Basel. They come without the saucers.)

As you can see in the picture, it doesn't have a crema. The scent resembled interestingly enough not the fragrance of the powder, which is something that surprised me. When you make tea, the scent doesn't change this much.
The taste: "bitter". It was the first thing I thought, when I sipped it. The next thing I registered was that it only tasted on the tongue front and middle, not on the sides. It was also quite tart.
After a few small sips I added some sugar, but it didn't make it any better for me.

However, I slept quite well after this late coffee, when I went to bed at 4 AM (we had talked till 3 AM). Good thing next day was Sunday. ;-)

A week later I decided to try an Espresso at Starbucks. I ordered a single shot of Espresso. It had a crema. The scent was different from the one I had at my friends apartment, but I can't say something like: "Well, I could smell that this was a variety from Colombia, from a region with a mild climate and the farmer had tarragon and blueberries planted too and drives a red Camry, the soil there is definitely rich with quartz and kryptonite." Or whatever a coffee afficionado would say. It smelled different, not better or worse just different.
The taste: "Ugh, I don't like coffee". Interestingly I tasted Starbucks coffee more on the sides of my tongue, though I can't really describe it. Adding sugar made the taste worse for me.

I don't like Espresso!
Neither homemade or Starbucks and I won't try any other varieties in the next few months, since it's a waste of money for me. I like tea, just now I'm trinking organic applemint tea and it tastes fantastic.

Have a great weekend and don't forget to



  1. Do they have Tim Hortons in Europe? Just like Starbucks, some people love it, some people hate it.

  2. Never liked coffee. Honestly, I have to say that I enjoy not liking it. It can be such an addiction for some people. Stick with tea, much better for you.