Monday, 30 August 2010

Focus and Discipline - ah, how I hate those words...

Because I lacked both.

Starting from today, I will train myself in staying focused and being disciplined.

You wondering about this? Well, I just kind of figured out of who I want to be when I'm a grown up! (Took me awhile, but I think I finally have an inner picture of the new me!) And yes, I like to be both. Especially since both are the qualities which will make me the person that I want to be.

Ever tried to train for a marathon without focus and discipline? Well, in case you haven't, just read my posts over the last year and you know what this is like! Hahaha. The problem is you get nowhere without focus and discipline. So my September goal is to gain both.

Today, I was really disciplined. I didn't buy any sweets (yes, I ate some, but just to get rid of them, before the evening.) or stuff that doesn't go with the person I want to become. And I didn't do so in Basel on Saturday!!! Which was really hard, since they got some pretty nice stuff.

I still lacked focus though. I'm still starting things and don't finish them before I start with a new task. But I'm getting better with it little by little.

On the job front. Still searching. Interview went well, but ...

On the sports front. Still some little troubles with my knee but stopping the medication seems to have done the trick. Doc appointment is next week, I'll see how it goes and then I might start with some light running / shuffling. Wohoo. Until then it's having fun with my bike.

Have a great new week.


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