Friday, 6 August 2010

What a week!

The good things that happened this week, happened mostly today! (I don't want to think about the bad things!)

Good things:
1. I was called today by a headhunter to send in my application for a quite nice job. I did so, we'll see how it works out.

2. All in all I did send out 4 job applications today! I'm so proud on myself.

3. As a celebration to sending those 4 applications I granted myself some nice "new" songs by Wir sind Helden and Xavier Naidoo.

4. Writing my applications at the library was the best idea I've had in a long time. The atmosphere gets me to work and it's still okay to lay my head down when my eyes get to tired from looking at the screen. At home I always find ways to procrastinate and don't get the stuff done. I don't know how anyone can work from home, they definitely are different from me. I admire them for it, nothing for me though.

I did a bit of cycling this week and will do a bit more on the weekend. Except for that my main focus is still on getting a new job and moving out.

Oh yeah, I got new medicine and a therapy prescription for my knee from my doc. Guess what, the problem is not my knee but my hip! So from next week on I learn some drills to get my hip in the right position and then I'm hopefully back to running (shuffling) in a few weeks. Believe it or not, I miss running. Every time a runner passes me these day I really get annoyed for not being allowed to run.

Now I'm off to enjoy a nice food magazin I bought yesterday.

Lomopic I took back in April during my sunlight session.

Enjoy your weekend.



  1. I am confused, I thought you got a job?

  2. Nope. Found as in found the perfect job offer for me.