Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sometimes I need a reminder

to get back on track.

Over the last few weeks or, let's be frank, months I got distracted from my big goal, Triathlon = Ironman!

Well, there is nothing like a running(biking) into a race to get me back on track and realign my priorities. Yes, you've read right, I biked into a race on my usual Sunday morning ride with Chris. They held a shortie right next to the wild water rafting station on Lake Markkleeberg. And me, Miss-I-want-to-race-Ironman-Distance-in-2013 didn't have a clue about it!!!!! Well, IRONMAN 2013 has gone down the drain anyway, after this year. (I can't even say season since I haven't done one race!%$%'§%$§&/$§$%)

AND YOU KNOW WHAT REALLY TICKS ME OFF??!?!?!?!? That I could have done this race without extra training, because the distances were ridiculous and I know this course in my sleep! Okay, so I would have been the last one in every part, but I would have had my first f*ing Tri. ARRGGGHHH.
And those competitors, ha, except for the leading group they were mostly not that prepared. I just say pot bellies and much worse creaking bikes! What good is it to have a 1500€ roadie and it creaks with every stroke? Seriously, take care of your gear if you do a tri!

While the leading group, sigh; the sound when they drove by... Well, most of you probably know the fantastic sound of perfectly working bike mechanic flying by you. Chris and I just looked at each other in fascination and jelousy. (My gearshift is still misbehaving most of the time, although it worked fine today. I'll have have word with the BDO mechanic this week for sure.)

On the other hand, I still don't have a helmet and my knee is misbehaving to an extent that's bothering me to even sit with bended knees! Good thing my next physio is tomorrow, so I'll howl my frustration in my therapists ear, hopefully she knows a way to get my knee back to function properly so I can get back to running. My hip and lower back are fantastic though, still I don't see why I have to trade in a working knee for a working hip and back.

Due to this run in with a tri I updated my priorities.

# 1 Getting an interesting job and an apartment.
# 2 Getting rid of the excess body fat and getting fit. (I'm on roll here.Thanks to L-Carnitin and the new harvest apples.)
# 3 Becoming a member in a tri club, depends on No 1.
# 4 Learning how to swim properly, depends on No 3.
# 5 Everything else, like getting a tripod and a scanner for my photography.

While we're on the subject of getting rid off things:
I finally got around to sort out some books. In these four bags are about 50 books. I'm reading quite a lot and I still had some school books on my shelves. So all of them go to a thrift store. The slightly frustrating thing? My shelfs look still the same because I had the books stacked in two rows on my shelfs.

Training schedule
for the upcoming week. A bike ride every day. Core strength training every day. 1 hour of swimming, not every day. ;-)

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.



  1. It's good to read that you are inspired. Keep looking, maybe another tri with "rediculous" distances is scheduled. Keep moving forward!

  2. Oops, I misspelled ridiculous. Woe is me.