Sunday, 1 August 2010

Ramen at the UMAII

Miso-Ramen with fresh Salmon (The best fish I ever ate! Because it's really soft and juicy, since the uncooked salmon slivers are just put into the hot broth and then refine while served and eating. *Very Happy Sigh*)

Tamago-Ramen (I like the Tamago = omelet, but the broth of this Ramen isn't exactly my cup of tea. ;-)

UMAII is a japanese Ramen Bar in Leipzig. They are fantastic. I love to eat there. Chris loves it too.
I went there with two other friends (K & A) on Friday and they didn't like it. The interior is too stylish (read cold) for them and the food too japanese (Algae is obviously a "no go" for them. Well, if I should move to Japan and they come to visit, this could be a problem for them, I on the other hand would be perfectly fine.), K ate Thyme-potatoes at another bar right afterwards and then felt stuffed, poor girl. No wonder if you ask me. After that we went dancing, it was real fun and felt fantastic, but I really need to improve the strength of my thighs. Ouch.

I like the Japanese (Okinawan) culture of Hara Hachi Bu = Eat only until you are 80% full, though I'm still struggling to get it ingrained, but I'm getting better day by day. At UMAII this isn't a problem however, since the portions are perfect for this 80% approach. Japan watch out here I come! ;-D (I've decided to learn Japanese. Now I just have to find a language course, for February 2011.)

I have a new favourite supplement: L-Carnitin.

It's not only delicious, but also very good for my muscles and body as a whole. So, we'll see how it works out. (I bought this myself and it's my own opinion, the producer didn't pay me or send me this. But I wouldn't say no, if I got a package for free. ;-)

Okay, now I'll clean my room and then go for my Sunday training ride. Chris isn't in town this weekend, so I have to ride alone. (Well, Elliott will keep me company. Wonder what his excuses will be this time.)

Tomorrow I will view some apartments, wish me luck that they are what I'm looking for and can move into my own flat soon. This also means I have to cut my triathlon budget to half since I need the money for flat stuff, like a bed, kitchen stuff and so on. Anyway, moving out is hugely important for my mental health, being a 32 year old teenager isn't fun anymore.

Have a great new week.


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  1. The ramen looks so good, just like when I ate it when we lived in Japan. Makes me miss the restaurants there.